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Get Rid of No Shows with Reminder Calls!

With you can create a powerful strategy using a combination of reminder calls, text messages and emails.


give them time to reschedule.

Reminder calls

are the most effective no-show prevention tool.

Text messages

are great for on-the-go, same-day reminders. appointment reminder text messages are great for on-the-go, same-day reminders.

Want to see how it works?

Send yourself a text message!
Send reminder SMS text messages and let your customers reply with a keypress at

Experience the Power of 2-Way Communication

Let them reply to you with!

Your existing caller ID

tells the recipient to pick up.

The call key-press feature

allows your recipient to confirm, respond or connect to your office.

2-way text messaging

makes it even easier for them to respond instantly.

Reach your largest groups! handles millions of messages per year. Our knowledgeable staff help you set up campaigns at no extra charge:

Fill up your Events

With event invitations, confirmations and information.

Automate Your Collection Calls

Save time and collect more money.

Supercharge Your Fund Raisers

Get the word out and the donations coming.

Broadcast Your Alerts and Recalls

Our automated messages are built for handling time-sensitive information.


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Super-easy templates help you to create professional calls, texts and emails.

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Try Our Service for 1 Month for Just $1!