Send reminder calls, text messages, and emails from your existing software!

Works with EHRs, EMRs, scheduling software, and spreadsheets. HIPAA compliant. Encrypted.


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Get Rid of No Shows with Appointment Reminders!

With you can create a powerful strategy using a combination of reminder calls, text messages and emails.

Reminder calls

are the most effective no-show prevention tool.

Text messages

are great for on-the-go, same-day reminders.


give them time to reschedule. appointment reminder text messages are great for on-the-go, same-day reminders.

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Send reminder SMS text messages and let your customers reply with a keypress at

Experience the Power of 2-Way Communication

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Keep your existing caller ID

for reminder calls, this tells the recipient to pick up.

The call key-press feature

allows your recipient to confirm, respond or connect to your office.

2-way text messaging

makes it even easier for your customers to respond instantly.

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Connect to the Software You Already Use

Why buy an expensive system? We work with many scheduling systems and we will create a custom integration for you at no charge.

If you have a scheduler

the system sends reminders directly from your scheduler.

If you have a spreadsheet

the system sends reminders from your uploaded spreadsheet.


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What our Customers Say:

All the data is pulled off, every night, automatically. So what's really, really nice, is that you don't have to download anything or upload anything. This is an integrated system.
Bridgit Finley, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPTPhysical Therapy Central, Inc.
We love the reminder call log on line. We have been able to tactfully handle several patient complaints every month when patients come in at the wrong time. We can look up the call and confirm that the reminder call had the correct time. It has been great to know that our front desk is on top of it and didn't make a mistake. Great feature!
Jill Watase, Administrative DirectorLafayette Physical Therapy, Inc.
The Director of our clinic completed an Executive Management Program and DPT in 2013. In that MBA-like program, our clinic had the lowest cancellation rate at 1.5% across the Nation of participants in that 13 month intensive course. was a huge part of our cancellation rate being so low, which made us more profitable and continues to make us more profitable because our staff efforts are spent on tasks developing business. Everyone in that course wanted to know our secret sauce. Part of that secret sauce is in fact Unless you utilize staff to make reminder calls daily at significant cost, it is impossible to obtain a cancellation rate that we have been able to within our clinic with
Remindercall is what gets me to my pediatrician visits!
Julianna Orban KaeferSan Jose, CA
Our first day of using the reminder calls we had 100% of our 38 patients scheduled arrive for their appointment , and this was the Tuesday before Thansgiving! I am very excited to have this service. It also takes pressure off of my receptionists to have to call the patients every day, allowing her more time for other duties. Our representative was very helpful in setting us up and coordinating this with our scheduling software company.
Beth Winkler-Schmit, FAAOMPTMagnolia Physical Therapy