How some robocalls are saving lives!

Robocalls: 12 Terrifying Calls that Could Save YOU or Your Loved Ones!

Don’t you hate robocalls? They’re from annoying politicians, greedy salespeople, and pesky collection agencies. And they ALWAYS bug you at dinner time! Did you know that the same technology does good? “Not possible,” you say? Let’s take a look at how many ways robocalls and automated text messages routinely save lives and property.

Fire Evacuation Robocalls

Public service robocalls tell you to evacuate because your neighborhood is in the path of a fire. You put grandma and your pets in the car and get away just in time.


Food Recall Robocalls

Right as you’re about to bite into your juicy hamburger, you get a robocall from your grocery store. You learn the beef you’re about to eat  is being recalled due to E. coli.


Abducted Child (a.k.a. Amber) Alerts

Your child is dragged into a car and abducted. Amber alert robocalls go out to the public asking for help locating the suspect’s vehicle. That evening, someone spots the car and calls the police. Your child is returned to you.

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Fraudulent Activity Robocalls

You get a series of fraud robocalls from your bank alerting you to suspicious account activity. You realize your account has been hacked. You freeze your accounts and call your financial institution to dispute charges before any real harm is done.


Healthcare Reminder Robocalls

You get a robocall alerting you that you forgot to get your yearly mammogram. You schedule an appointment. The mammogram shows a tiny malignant tumor. Doctors are able to remove it in time.


Public Safety Alerts

You are driving your kids home from school. You receive an emergency robocall that a riot has broken out in your neighborhood. You decide to drive your family to a friend’s house and wait until it is safe to go home.


Severe Weather Warnings

You receive a robocall warning you that your business is in the path of a severe hurricane. You are able to board up your store’s windows, put out sandbags and evacuate. Your store sustains minimal damage.


Mass Shooting Robocalls

You are a college student. You receive a robocall instructing you to evacuate campus. You leave and later find out that there was a shooting on campus.

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CPR Volunteer Alerts

You are a tourist in Stockholm having a casual stroll. You collapse and witnesses call the authorities. A robo text message goes out to all CPR-trained volunteers in your vicinity. Your life is saved.


Medication Reminders

Your father is a forgetful senior who values his independence and lives at home. He’s also diabetic. His doctor sets up medication reminders to make sure he remembers his insulin.


CDC Alert Robocalls

You receive an alert that there is an outbreak of a highly-contagious virus in a neighboring town. You pack up your family, leave the area and stay with relatives until the outbreak is contained.


National Emergency Robocalls

You receive a robocall that aliens are invading Earth. We’re not sure if this one can save you, but hey—at least there’s a system in place to keep you informed!


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