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Congratulations 2018 Physical Therapy Scholarship Winners!

2018 Physical Therapy Scholarship Winners

Reminder Services, Inc. is once again proud to announce our five 2018 Physical Therapy Scholarship Winners. The Physical Therapy Scholarship awards 5 $1,000 scholarships to outstanding students in an effort to help them enter the exciting field of Physical Therapy. These scholarships are presented to Physical Therapy students who not only have great grades, but show a strong commitment to continuing their education.

Savannah is a 2018 Physical Therapy Scholarship Winner!

1. Savannah McMillen

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
College Senior

“The medical field is one that is constantly evolving. Pursuing a career in the medical field means you must be committed to learning for the rest of your life. Healthcare professionals also must interact with people. Working with the public gives you the opportunity to be a positive light in your community. I am passionate about helping others feel better and learn to care for themselves which is why I am pursuing a degree in physical therapy.”

2. Carl Meyer

Carl is a 2018 Physical Therapy Scholarship Winner!

Marquette University
First Year Graduate Student

“I hope to be a teacher not only in the clinic, but someday also to future physical therapists. There are few things more important than passing a passion for service to others, particularly the future generations. I also want to contribute to or perhaps found a non-profit physical therapy service that is able to narrow the healthcare disparity I see every day at the [Milwaukee Rescue] Mission in the impoverished people of the city, and in the world. Cost can be a barrier to people who need care the most, and it is no less than my responsibility to advocate, work, and sacrifice to make sure the people that need care the most are able to receive it.”

3. Diego Galaviz

Diego is a 2018 Physical Therapy Scholarship Winner!

California State University-Dominguez Hills
College Sophomore

“I started playing recreational soccer when I was five years old which has led me to the privileged opportunity of playing collegiate soccer. Through my young to adolescent years, I’ve played competitively which exposed me to experience physical injuries along the way, such as, a fractured clavicle and a concussion. Going through the recovery process of these injuries, I observed first-hand how the medical professionals nurtured me through the recovery process and provided encouragement and support to become stronger physically and emotionally. I will never forget these experiences.”

4. Kevin Le

Kevin is a 2018 Physical Therapy Scholarship Winner!

Saint Paul College
College Sophomore

“I engage in volunteering at Regions Hospital’s Same-day Surgery center, where I have the opportunity to talk face-to-face with working nurses and surgeons. In addition to that, I am also a part of OSI Physical Therapy’s student observation program where I get to learn about the methods of rehabilitation that physical therapists perform. Being in the student observation program gives me a strong sense of reassurance that physical therapy is the field that I want to work in. As I observe, my experience with being a patient lets me have the perspective of both sides, allowing me to empathize with the clients.”

5. Name Withheld

The fifth winner has chosen to keep her identity private.

Selecting the 2018 Physical Therapy Scholarship Winners

To ensure complete impartiality in the selection of recipients and to maintain a high level of professionalism, the Physical Therapy Scholarship Program is administered by International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc. (ISTS), a firm that specializes in managing sponsored scholarship programs.

Congratulations to all of our 2018 Physical Therapy Scholarship Winners! To apply for next year’s scholarship program, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a United States resident with a valid ID;
  • Be enrolled in a Physical Therapy program in an accredited college in 2019;
  • Be a college sophomore, junior or senior OR a grad student;
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Next Application Period Starts August 2019.

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