5 Ways Patient Appointment Reminder Software Can Benefit Your Organization

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Are you thinking about introducing patient appointment reminder software into your healthcare organization but are unsure about whether or not the benefits outweigh to costs?

There are many powerful advantages of implementing automated reminder systems into your healthcare business; advantages that can have a profound impact on everything from consumer happiness to profit margins.

In this article, we’ll look at exactly what those benefits are, and explain why every healthcare organization that operates an appointment schedule should consider using software to engage with their patients and remind them of upcoming consultations.

1. Reduce Missed Healthcare Appointments

As we’ll cover in this blog, there are numerous benefits to patient appointment reminder software, but there is likely one major reason driving you to consider implementing it: missed appointments.

The cost of missed appointments is substantial. Over the entire industry, it equates to around $150 billion of lost revenues per year. This represents a major financial drain on healthcare and can have serious consequences for those that are badly affected. According to the same data, the average cost of a single missed appointment — in terms of wasted time and resources for a healthcare organization — is $200.

Multiple missed appointments could be costing you thousands.

Studies have shown that 1 in 4 people have forgotten an important appointment. As part of our busy modern lives, it is all too easy to lose track of an upcoming consultation. Missed appointments are rarely intentional, which means that keeping patients aware of their commitments can have a dramatic impact on attendance.

Sending reminders through patient appointment reminder software can significantly increase the chances of better attendance rates. It also helps people to remember that they need to cancel appointments they cannot make, ensuring you’ve got ample opportunity to fill them.

2. Maintain HIPAA Compliance

Meeting regulations stipulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — or HIPAA — is essential for any healthcare organization. Breach of compliance can result in warnings, fines and even legal cases if actions are serious enough.

When it comes to appointments and scheduled reminders, you’ll need to secure personal patient data, such as addresses, contact information, and appointment details. This is all information covered under HIPAA laws, which means failure to protect this data properly can lead to compliance issues.

If you select the right patient appointment reminder software, however, such as that created and designed by ReminderCall.com, you don’t need to worry about HIPAA compliance. Functionality for protecting patient data is built into the system, including encryption and privacy adjustment features such as opting out of messages and having personal data removed.

3. Automate Resource Intensive Processes

You may already have a reminder schedule in place for your healthcare organization, but if this practice is manually operated by administrative staff or even practitioners, it can seriously impact the consumption of resources.

If you are sending out individual emails, text messages, or making personal calls to remind your patients that they have upcoming scheduled appointments, you are wasting a lot of time and effort unnecessarily — time and effort that could be dedicated to more important tasks.

ReminderCall.com patient appointment reminder software, when used with your EHR, can be completely automated. If you opt to fully automate systems, then after the initial setup phase, reminders are sent without any need for further input. The result is you can focus on what really matters: looking after your patients and helping your healthcare organization thrive instead of spending hours typing up messages and making phone calls. Even if you are not using an EHR, ReminderCall.com automation works with different schedulers and spreadsheets and can help you save valuable time.

4. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Missing appointments doesn’t just have an impact on you. As we’ve mentioned, many individuals simply forget they’ve got a scheduled appointment or mix up their days. This can wreak havoc with calendars and result in patients missing important consultations. Not only is there a potential for clients to lose out on money for prepaid services, but also an increase in stress induced by failing to turn up for important healthcare treatment.

Patient appointment reminder software can help improve customer satisfaction and give your patients a better impression of your business, by demonstrating that you care about getting them to their appointments on time. It shows that you are dedicated to supporting their health and wellbeing.

People appreciate it when you go the extra mile to make their lives easier, so they don’t have to worry about things like missed appointments themselves. Keep your patients coming back, and build up a sense of brand loyalty, with the enhanced service you can offer thanks to automated appointment reminder software.

It is also worth adding that many other organizations within the medical sector have already introduced appointment reminder solutions, which can result in patients becoming reliant on them for schedule updates. Without this kind of consumer support, you may find your patients become disgruntled, as you aren’t offering the services to which they have come to expect from healthcare businesses like yours.

5. Patient Appointment Reminder Software Supports Paperless Goals

Good paperless practices are something many healthcare organizations are looking to achieve. The reduction of paper reliance has numerous benefits, from improved patient data protection to more efficient working methods.

Going paperless is often about upgrading to digital solutions that replace paper while still enabling the same operational functionality. This allows your organization to carry on with essential working processes without disruption, while still removing paper from the office environment.

Patient appointment reminder software can support your paperless goals by allowing you to send messages through entirely digital formats. You no longer need to mail out reminder details or provide paper-based documents on upcoming appointments. A common method of keeping patients aware of appointments is through the provision of appointment cards. These are easily misplaced or lost. However, when information is given through text, call or email, ReminderCall.com software solutions, it not only makes details much easier to find and refer back to, but also completely removes paper from the equation.

Want to experience the powerful benefits of text message appointment reminders, and appointment reminder calls first hand? Sign up with ReminderCall.com today and enjoy our $1 trial offer.