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What’s Your “Secret Sauce”?

Old School Customer Service Is the Secret Sauce

A note from our President, Chantal: Recently someone asked me the secret to’s success, and I had to pause and think. Like every SAAS businesses, we have plenty of competition. In fact, every year, we see new competitors launch, yet we’ve endured. We’ve not thrived, we’ve been able to keep loyal customers for over…

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HIPAA Compliance: Oops! Are You Out of Date?

HIPAA Compliance: Are you out of date?

If you own a healthcare practice, you probably know that HIPAA compliance is mandatory. What you may not know is that the Federal Government has expanded the reach of HIPAA by enlisting State Attorney Generals and that an increasing number of practices are suffering from data breaches. A HIPAA violation not only forces them to…

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How to Help Patients Find Your Practice Online… Fast!

Help patients find your practice

Help Patients Find Your Practice So, you have a great practice, but some patients are saying they can’t find you online. You Google your practice and you don’t see it at all. What’s worse is you see your competitor’s web site. Is there any way to fix this fast without hiring a graphic designer or…

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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Your Employees

christmas gifts for your employees

It’s Christmas once again—the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the best time to show your appreciation to the employees who have stuck with your company through its ups and downs in the previous year. While there is nothing wrong with the usual gift certificates, it wouldn’t hurt to exert a little more…

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