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5 Super Helpful Tools for Technology-Loving Doctors

Never before have healthcare providers had so much to do in so little time. For those of you who sometimes have only about fifteen minutes to sit with each patient, having the right tools is a must. Software companies are responding to this need at neck-breaking speeds. In fact, new applications promising to increase communication, make research easier, and save time are popping up almost daily. Not sure which ones to try? Here are some of today’s most helpful tools for doctors.

Have a Diagnosis Challenge? Try Figure1

Figure1 has been called “the physician’s Instagram”. Healthcare providers and students can upload photos and information about symptoms to Figure1 to solve or help solve difficult cases. Patient information is kept anonymous. This tool allows you to communicate with a 500,000+ member community while building a database for general medical use. Not only can you use your mobile device to increase your own knowledge base, but you can also share your experience and knowledge with other providers.

Haven’t Found the Right Social Media? Try Doximity

Doximity permits physicians to connect with one another without having to get on the phone or worry about violating HIPAA guidelines. All members undergo a “physician verification process”. You can consult with other practitioners and exchange information securely. There is a recruiting tool that allows you to search for job openings by location and specialty. You can even compare your salary to others in the same specialty.

Tired of Paper Prescriptions? Try Surescripts

Surescripts was created with the goal of replacing paper prescriptions with electronic ones, however, it does much more. It is transforming the way physicians, patients and pharmacies communicate. You can use it to create a prescription, retrieve a patient’s medication history and pharmacy benefits. This not only helps reduce medication errors, it makes for an easier patient experience as well.

Need to Work from Home? Try Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand allows physicians to see a patient through video conferencing. Patients input symptoms, list their medications, and the system connects them to you. According to the Doctor on Demand FAQ, this system allows you to get paid for phone medicine that you already have been providing for years. Other benefits include: eliminating commute time, getting full malpractice coverage, eliminating overhead, and easily gaining additional patients.

Tired of Making Reminder Calls? Try

ReminderCall offers automated reminder calls and text messages. Let’s face it, no employee wakes up the morning and says “I can’t wait to make reminder calls today!” By automating reminder calls you are able to free those resources and improve employee morale while still working towards raising revenue.

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