Choosing the Right Appointment Reminder System

It’s no secret that a good appointment reminder system can improve patient outcomes and increase revenue for your practice. One study shows that it can increase compliance by up to 40%. Not only do reminders count towards MIPS requirements, but most patients have come to rely on them. So how do you choose the right…

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Cyber Insurance: Does Your Practice Need It?

What is cyber insurance? As a healthcare provider, the welfare of your patients is your utmost priority. Unfortunately, ePHI (electronic protected health information) is increasingly stolen by hackers. With it, they buy medical equipment and drugs to resell. Plus, they create falsified claims to defraud insurance companies. [bctt tweet=”Cyber Insurance: Does Your Practice Need It?”…

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HIPAA Compliant Reminders Made Easy

ReminderCall.com’s Secure Opt-In Portal ReminderCall.com’s SecureĀ Opt-In Portal helps healthcare providers send HIPAA compliant reminders. It also complies with HIPAA, MIPS, TCPA and Anti-Spam rules and the Canadian CASL. Regulations are becoming increasingly important and cumbersome for healthcare practitioners. As part of our mission to keep you ahead of the game, we’ve developed a handy portal…

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