What’s Your Ideal Work Environment? [Quiz]

What's Your Ideal Work Environment?

  Is There An Ideal Work Environment? There are many tests to help you figure out what line of work is best suited for your personality. But once you’re on the job for a while, you realize that other things impact how you feel about your work. In fact, someone else’s dream company might turn…

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Make Your Front Office Productive from the Inside Out

Make your front office productive.

Make Your Front Office Productive from the Inside Out As a medical office manager, you may wish you knew how to make your front office productive. As the practice grows, it may feel like your staff is routinely behind. Perhaps you’re always training new employees. Maybe they spend all their time dealing with difficult patients.…

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10 Scheduling Tips for the Healthcare Practice

10 scheduling tips for busy medical practices.

If you’re scheduling patients, you have a tough job. On the one hand, your boss wants you to fill the schedule. On the other hand, patients don’t want to wait long. Add an emergency walk-in patient to the mix and the practice gets behind. Everyone is unhappy and stressed. Finding a solution can be difficult,…

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6 Time Management Techniques for Office Managers

6 Time Management Techniques for Office Managers

Time Management and You How many times have you thought, “Thank God, it’s Friday!” only to realize that you still have a mountain of tasks ahead of you? As an office manager, your job does not end when the doctor leaves the clinic. You continue to supervise operations, making sure that everything works like a…

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TED Talks: Our Top 10 for Front Office Managers

TED Talks for Office Managers

TED Talks… they are the stuff that dreams are made of, don’t you think? The Sapling Foundation, under the slogan “Ideas Worth Spreading”, picks the best and brightest to speak to us about a wide range of topics including socio-economics, science, philosophy and technology. TED Talks consist of 18 minutes of solid gold advice, usually…

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Why Tech Savvy Docs Are Winning

Patients Want Tech Savvy Doctors

It happens every time a patient enters your office. They assess you, how you present yourself, what your examining room looks like and how modern, or tech savvy your office is. In fact, first impressions often set the stage for the kind of relationship that you will have with your patient. You are a health…

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New Employee Setup: a Pro’s Check List

New Employee Onboarding

Easing a New Employee Into the Workplace Starting a new job is scary:  new people, a new company and new expectations! For the employer, it is just as daunting, as the expectations of training that new employee are just as great. A lot of thought goes into what a new employee needs to know, what…

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Memory Quiz: Total Recall or Complete Shortfall?

Memory Quiz

Memory is a funny thing. Does this ever happen to you? You go to the grocery store for some eggs. While you are there, you remember that you need to purchase some batteries, fruit, canned vegetables and spaghetti noodles. You are so happy to remember those items! You complete your shopping feeling good about yourself.…

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Get it DONE in Less Time: the Master List

how to get it done in less time

It’s a new year, you’ve made your resolutions, now it’s time to get to work on one of your new projects. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get it done in less time? You can! It’s all a matter of getting organized. Learn the Master List Technique and get more done in less…

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Think You’re a Powerhouse? Take The Productivity Quiz!

Fun Productivity Quiz

Why Take a Productivity Quiz? Most of us *think* we are productive people. Yet, if you’ve been part of the workforce for any amount of time, you know that many people just aren’t. It’s like that famous line about faking orgasms in When Harry Met Sally: “[…] all men are sure it never happened to…

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