Avoiding Medical Office Data Breaches in Four Steps

Medical office data breaches don’t just happen to big entities like UCLA or Stanford. They affect private medical practices as well. Breaches, both big and small, can result in serious problems. For a physician, a data breach can bring audits, fines, even litigation. It can damage your reputation in the community… it can also spell…

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Fantastic Podcasts for Healthcare Providers

Why Do People Love Podcasts? If you’re like many, you may not be aware that there are podcasts for healthcare providers. You may even wonder why anyone listens to podcasts anymore. To summarize: podcasts are like blogs that you can listen to on your smartphone. They are convenient, portable, and in most cases, up to…

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How to Avoid Sending Patient Data Offshore

Patient data is more valuable than ever. On the black market, it has become more desirable than credit card data. At the same time, storing and managing patient data offshore is becoming more common. Most doctors don’t knowingly choose to send electronic protected health information (ePHI) offshore. But today, many U.S. vendors outsource to contractors…

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Top 5 Medical Innovations Coming to a Hospital Near You

Medical innovations are advancing in leaps and bounds. New technology seems to appear every time you watch the news. Until recently, only scientists or medical researchers got to use sophisticated gadgets. Nowadays, futuristic technology is showing up in hospitals and doctors’ offices too. These inventions have significant advantages. Many will save money for providers and…

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