christmas gifts for your employees

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Your Employees

It’s Christmas once again—the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the best time to show your appreciation to the employees who have stuck with your company through its ups and downs in the previous year. While there is nothing wrong with the usual gift certificates, it wouldn’t hurt to exert a little more thought into Christmas gifts for your employees this year. Your employees will surely appreciate something more personal than a coffee gift card.

But what do employees want?

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Your Employees:

10. Go Gourmet

Let’s face it, employees have always LOVED free food. Spice up the boring gift basket by ditching the usual cheese and chocolate. Harry & David has a wide variety of Christmas gift baskets that are far from being typical, whether they contain delectable breakfast goodies or gourmet Italian food ingredients.

9. Go Personal

Personalized gifts are special because we seldom choose to have an item monogrammed for ourselves. From monogrammed slippers for the homebody, to personalized wooden luggage tags for the traveler, never before have there been so many ways to show your employee you put some extra thought into getting a unique gift just for them. This Personalized Snack Tote Gift even allows you to personalize a gourmet gift.

8. Go Healthy

What better way to show that you care than to be mindful of your employee’s health. Your health-conscious employees will definitely love these Savvy Infusion Water Bottles that let them create their own fruit-infused beverages or these Stand Steady Standing Desks which allow them to take a break from sitting.

7. Go Hi-Tech

If your employees love technology, wow them with a cool gadget. For example, this  RFID Shieldex Stainless Steel Credit Card Holder is equipped with advanced technology that protects the most valuable information stored on RFID chips. Another great gizmo is this Smartphone Photo Cube Printer, which allows you to print color photos right from your smartphone.

6. Go Long Term

Getting your employee a one-year subscription to something he likes is akin to giving him a gift every month of the year! For the music-loving employee, a subscription to Spotify Premium is heaven. Those who love pampering themselves will enjoy Herbaria’s Soap of the Month Club while those who simply want to unwind after work with a few drinks would love to be a member of the Beer of the Month Club.

5. Go Creative

Even job-related gifts don’t have to be boring. Inject a dose of creativity in your gift giving by handing out some cute office supplies like Percy the Pencil Porcupine, Kikkerland Dino Memo Holder, and Bubble Calendar. They’re basically pen holders, memo fasteners, and calendars, but they sure help turn desks from drab to fab.

4. Go Winey

You might think that wines make great gifts for bosses, but a lot of employees love them, too. Furthermore, there are many choices that cost less than $16, which means you don’t necessarily have to break the bank just so you can give your personnel a sophisticated Christmas present. But do take the time to investigate whether or not your employee drinks wine and what kind of wine they prefer.

3. Go Sweet

Everyone who has a sweet tooth loves homemade holiday cookies, so if you can bake some for your staff, they will certainly love those treats. If you’re the non-baking type, you can always order some freshly-made holiday macarons from Macaron Café or assorted cookies from Milk Bar. You can also buy a stylish mason jar and stuff it with candies for a low-cost candy jar that your employees can place on their desks.

2. Go Generous

Let’s face it, employees LOVE money, otherwise they wouldn’t be working for you. The Christmas bonus is still one of the most popular gifts among employed people. If you can afford it, give your employees a bonus so that they can choose their own gifts and buy extra gifts for their loved ones.

1. Go Even More Generous

What tops the charts when it comes to Christmas gifts for your employees? The gift of more Christmas! The best gift that you can give to your loyal and hardworking employees is some quality time with their friends and family. If your company can afford it, send your employees to an early Christmas vacation with pay. After all, Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones.

Whether your gift is as simple as a candy jar or as extravagant as a huge bonus, the important thing is that you remember to thank your employees for all the time, effort, and dedication that they have provided to your business. In the end, the old gift-giving cliché still holds true: it’s the thought that counts.