Dental Appointment Reminders: Does Your Practice Need Them?

Woman using dental appointment reminder software on a laptop and cellphone.

Dental Appointment Reminders: Are They Worth It?

Dental appointment reminders are text message reminders, phone calls, or emails that contact your patients automatically, letting them know that they have upcoming appointments. Patients can then confirm they are attending, change the appointment, or just be aware that their treatment session or consultation is scheduled.

But why bother with this kind of appointment reminder strategy? Dental appointments are an important part of an individual’s health and wellness routine. Does your practice really need to be reminding them they should be attending these appointments?

The short answer is, yes.

There are many benefits to dental appointment reminders for your clinic. In this blog, we explore some of the most powerful advantages of incorporating automated appointment reminder software into your business.

Reduce No-Show Rates

The impact of patient no-shows can be devastating. As a whole, missed appointments cost the US medical industry billions annually, with clinics often seeing anywhere between 15% and 50% of their appointments go unattended.

For your dental practice, no-shows can be costly. Each unattended appointment slot not only means a loss of revenue for that particular scheduled appointment but also associated expenses. These include the costs of preparing resources and having to book new dental patients to fill the gaps.

Lack of attendance, however, is often due to misinformation or simple forgetfulness. Some patients may mix dates up, while others might not remember they have an appointment booked. This is where dental appointment reminder calls and services can become highly beneficial. Studies have shown that reminder software increases attendance rates for medical practices by up to 36%.

The incorporation of a dental appointment reminder system can have a dramatic effect on attendance, allowing you to not only provide the best possible care for patients but also boost profitability and provide essential growth opportunities for your clinic.

Cut your no-show rate drastically today with text message appointment reminders and phone calls.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA-compliant processes are essential for any business operating in healthcare. The purpose of HIPAA compliance for your practice is to maintain personal information security and prevent access from unauthorized parties. Legally, you are required to safeguard the sensitive data of your dental patients.

Dental appointment reminder software supports HIPAA-compliant practices by employing advanced security protocols and data-encryption methods. Patient information is stored, managed, and locked away behind high-tech systems. The software enables you to contact individuals and keep the lines of patient communication open in a secure and HIPAA-compliant way.

Manage Patient Expectations

Many of your competitors will already have a reminder system in place. This means that patients coming from other practices to yours will likely be familiar with dental appointment reminders. Failure to offer the service they expect can result in a decrease in patient satisfaction. Those who are reliant on automated systems to ensure they make it to their new appointments may expect you to remind them, leaving them unhappy with your clinic’s service if you don’t support their needs.

The solution to managing these expectations and boosting patient satisfaction is a simple one. Employing dental appointment reminders ensures you provide patients with the tools they need to manage their schedules and attend important dental appointments.

Cost of Staff vs.

According to, the average wage of a dental receptionist is over $15 per hour. If it takes your receptionist just an hour per day to manually call each patient to remind them of their appointments, that’s $75 per week. This is not a cost-effective strategy, especially when dental appointment reminder software can provide a better answer. Through systems such as those offered by, you can:

  • Submit messages automatically to dental patients
  • Collect confirmations
  • Keep active and up-to-date information.

With our services costing a maximum of 9¢ per call or text, you can send out reminders to 166 of your patients for less than one hour of labor. For a receptionist to have that kind of efficiency, they’d need to send nearly three reminders a minute.

Reminder services can act as a virtual assistant for your dental practice, securing smoother operational processes and allowing you or your staff to concentrate on more skill-intensive tasks.  

Achieve lower no-show rates, remain HIPAA compliant, meet patient expectations, and see the practice-boosting benefits of a virtual assistant all with automated appointment reminder software from