Learn how to create effective reminders to reduce your no-show rate.

The Effective Reminder Campaign [Slideshare]

The Need For a More Effective Reminder Campaign

Many physicians experience as many as 12 no-show patients per week. That makes up quite a bit of time, money and resources lost. If you are sending patient appointment reminders, you have taken the first step towards improving patient compliance, keeping a full schedule and increasing your practice’s revenue. But did you know that not all reminders are created equal? How do you create an effective reminder?

If you are a ReminderCall.com customer, you have already developed some great habits:

1. You are following all rules and regulations.
2. You are being mindful of your delivery time.
3. You are avoiding human error by using a fully automated system.

Beyond these habits, there are proven techniques that can improve the effectiveness of your reminders.

The Effective Appointment Reminder Call SlideShare

Click through the SlideShare below to see what’s inside our most EFFECTIVE appointment reminders and get tips on how you can put together your best patient-reminder campaign.


Reminder Templates

If you need additional templates please download our free Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Patient Reminder Calls, Text Messages and Emails. You’ll receive 26 Free appointment reminder templates for different industries as well as appointment reminder samples in English, French and Spanish.

ReminderCall.com Deep Dive

Ready to scratch below the surface? Let’s look at some of the advanced ReminderCall.com features you could be using:

1. Secure Opt-in Portal
This feature helps healthcare providers comply with HIPAA, MIPS, TCPA and Anti-Spam rules as well as Canadian regulations by allowing patients to subscribe to patient reminder calls, texts or emails. To direct your patients to the secure opt-in portal, please log into your account, click on the Account Tab and click on the Secure Opt-In Portal link.

2. Reminder Logs
During a HIPAA audit, healthcare providers may need access to a searchable log of all past patient reminder calls. ReminderCall.com does this automatically for you.

3. Do-Not-Call List
To obey federal laws and avoid accidentally calling customers who have opted out, ReminderCall.com maintains a Do-Not-Call list and checks it before sending any reminders.

4. Custom Key Presses
ReminderCall.com provides programmable key presses to enable your patients to confirm an appointment, be transferred to your office, repeat the message or even play an audio file to hear additional instructions. Please call us a (888) 858-6673 for help programming your custom keys.

5. One Call Per Family
Imagine the scenario, you have 3 kids and they’re all going to the pediatrician on the same day. Would you rather get three separate reminders, one after the other, or just one reminder for all 3 appointments? ReminderCall.com allows you to send 1 call per family.

These are just some of the advanced tools available to ReminderCall.com customers. For a more complete list please contact us at (888) 858-6673.