Make your front office productive.

Make Your Front Office Productive from the Inside Out

Make Your Front Office Productive from the Inside Out

As a medical office manager, you may wish you knew how to make your front office productive. As the practice grows, it may feel like your staff is routinely behind. Perhaps you’re always training new employees. Maybe they spend all their time dealing with difficult patients. As hard as you try to catch up, it may even feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

The truth is, it’s quite difficult to increase productivity in a hectic front office. Still, motivating workers and increasing efficiency are vital if you want to avoid the stress of always getting behind. Although you can’t change those around you, there are some things you can do to help improve productivity. It all starts with helping your team members feel good about their jobs. Here’s how:

1. Have an Awesome Workspace

Create a front office that’s cheerful, clean, free of clutter, and comfortable so that your employees can get things done, even when things get busy. Keep all items stocked and well organized so that everyone can focus on the task at hand and put out fires quickly.

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2. Create Specific Roles

Employees work more efficiently when they’re aware of their particular responsibilities. So provide each front office worker with a clear description of their duties as well as how to do them. During training, provide step-by-step guides that they can master on the job.

3. Provide More Training

Most front offices are so busy that new employees learn how to use software by watching coworkers. Key productivity enhancing shortcuts and automated tasks go ignored. Show employees all available tools, especially those that simplify and shorten tasks.

4. Cross Train

A front office role, or any role for that matter, can become tedious. An excellent way to ease monotony is to cross-train employees so they can handle different tasks. Not only will they be more interested in the various aspects of the business, but they’ll become able to cover anyone’s absence.

5. Ask For Ideas

An overlooked way to improve employee productivity is to ask them how to streamline daily operations. You’ll get some great ideas on how to do things faster. Implement some of these ideas and you’ll not only increase productivity but make your staff feel like their opinions matter.

6. Automate and Outsource

The best way to ensure that your front office employees are unmotivated is to give them boring tasks. Outsource and automate the repetitive, unskilled tasks. If you run a physical therapy clinic, for example, automate your reminder calls, and by all means, outsource the laundry cleaning!

7. Listen With Empathy

Let’s face it; some patients tend to be remarkably rude. When this happens, it’s tough for your employee to recenter and focus on the next task. Provide an open ear at all times. Avoid giving advice when someone is upset. Instead, show empathy so your employee can go back to their station feeling relieved and understood.

8. Have Their Backs

There is nothing more frustrating than being in a customer-facing role without any support. Remember, your team is more important to your business than any one particular patient (no, that’s not a typo). It is your job to help your employees. Plus, if the same patient complaint happens over and over, don’t ignore it: it’s telling you that your processes may need reviewing.

9. Be Quick To Praise

Appreciation fosters motivation. If patients are particularly impressed by a member of your staff, be sure to show acknowledgment. You may not be authorized to grant a raise or promotion. But even an employee of the month sign or gift card can boost productivity and create a reason to work harder.

10. Beat Churn

If you’re experiencing employee “churn”, your team is never productive because you’re always training. Second to salaries being too low, churn is caused when a position feels like a dead-end job. Avoid this by holding regular employee reviews that include attainable goals. Communicate that you are here to help your team members grow, both professionally and financially.

The truth is that front office personnel are no different than other employees. They need training, clear guidance, challenges and incentives to stay motivated. Focus on providing more of these key features and you will not only make your front office productive, but you’ll also make it a better place to work.

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