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How to Get Your Local Business Noticed by Google [Infographic]

Happy Holidays!

Although this blog is usually about getting your existing customers to show up to their appointments using reminders, today we’d like to focus on helping you get what every business owner REALLY wants for the holidays: new customers!

Are new customers finding your business on Google? Are they finding your competition instead? Have you searched for your service on Google lately? Can you even find your own business?

Here’s why it matters:

[bctt tweet=”67% of all U.S. internet searches are conducted on Google”]

[bctt tweet=”33% of Google search traffic goes to the top organic search listing”]

In other words, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your local business is easily found on Google.

To help you get your local business noticed by Google, we’ve scoured through help pages, statistics and algorithm information and created the following infographic: Mastering Google – A Small Business Cheat Sheet. Feel free to pin it, share it or embed it on your own website or blog.


Mastering Google – A Local Business Cheat Sheet


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