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appointment reminders from Google Calendar

How to Send Appointment Reminders from Google Calendar

All appointment-based businesses share something in common: the dreaded no-show. When a customer doesn’t show up to an appointment, you lose money and waste time. An easy fix is to send customers an appointment reminder. Research shows roughly 76% of smartphone users like to be reminded of their appointments. Here’s how to send appointment reminders from Google Calendar.

How to Send Text Message Appointment Reminders from Google Calendar

Step 1: Connect your Google Calendar to

a. Click on the ACCOUNT tab on the navigation bar.

b. Under Preferences, click Google Calendar Settings.

Google Calendar Settings
c. Click on the green Sign in With Google Calendar button.

d. Choose the Google account you would like to connect from the popup window.

Choose Your Google Account
e. Click the Allow button in the popup window.

f. From the Calendar Account Drop Down, select the calendar you would like to connect to and click the Update Preferences button.

External Calendar Preference

Update Preferences
g. Make sure that you are connected to the correct Calendar email address and click the Update Preferences button.

Preferences Popup
Update Preferences

Step 2: Create Your Text Message Appointment Reminders

a. Go to the Account Tab.

b. Under Preferences, select SMS Reminders.

Settings SMS Reminders
c. Customize your Text Message Template (fields between <> will be replaced with the appointment information from your Google Calendar).

Text Message Template
d. Press the Update Preferences Button.

Step 3: Start Sending Your Reminders

a. Create an event in Google Calendar.

b. In the What field, enter your customer’s name, phone number and the word “sms”, like this: John 555-555-1212 sms 

c. Click the Edit button and enter the TIME of the appointment (reminders will not be sent if no time is set).

d. Click the Save button.

Congratulations! John Doe will receive your text message reminder one day before his appointment.

For information on how to send voice appointment reminders or custom messages, please call (888) 858-6673. Technical support is always included with your account.

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