Send Google Calendar
Appointment Reminders

For as little as $14.50 per month

Turn Google Calendar into an
Appointment-Reminder Powerhouse

Send appointment reminder calls and text messages,
automatically from your existing Google Calendar.

Stop No-Shows Using
Google Chrome

From Your Calendar or Spreadsheet

Schedule text messages to remind customers automatically of their appointments.

Receive Confirmations

See customer responses via email or on your dashboard.

Know Delivery Status

Enjoy live delivery status updates with real 2-way SMS text messages.

Get a Dedicated Phone Number

Get a dedicated phone number in your area code - no need to use a generic caller ID.

Reminder Text Messages By

Manage Calendar With Less Keystrokes

Reminder Call Chrome Extension Screenshot

Trigger Appointments On-The-Fly

With the ReminderCall Chrome Extension, you can enter events into Google Calendar from anywhere on the web!

Preview Your Schedule From Anywhere

Open the ReminderCall Chrome extension to manage your Google Calendar without interrupting your workflow

Manage Contacts From Any Web Site

Search or add contacts from the extension and add them to a Google Calendar appointment in just a few clicks.

Want to Take a Test Drive?

Setup Google Calendar
Reminders in 3 Easy Steps

Are you ready to reduce your no-show rate by 90%? automatically sends appointment reminders to your customers as you book appointments. One simple setup gets you on your way:

1. Connect Google Calendar

Just follow the prompts.

2. Create Your Message

Customize your calls, text messages, and emails or use existing scripts.

3. Schedule Your Appointments

Schedule your appointments and we automatically remind your customers for you!

The Reminder Service You Can Trust

The Dashboard

No Data Offshore!

Unlike many text reminder services, all of our employees, services, and data are in the United States. Plus, all servers are under lock and key in state-of-the-art SSAE-16/SOC2 facilities.


Since 1998, we have focused on doing one thing and doing it well. As a result, we enjoy a 98% up-time rate.


We serve countless hospitals and clinics, send millions of reminders per month, and we can handle your project.

All Accounts Include The Following

Black Text Icon

2-Way SMS

Black Calendar Icon

Unlimited Calendars

Black Check Icon


Black Asterik Icon

HIPAA Compliance

Black Lock Icon

Enhanced Security

Black Users Icon

Live Support

See Confirmations Live

See customers confirm their appointments live on your Google Calendar as the system writes a note to the event. “Sent” means the reminder was sent. “Conf” means the appointment was confirmed.

" is a great integrated reminder service that helps ensure return visits. It also helps us to keep our scheduling in order as people are more likely to let us know if they are going to be late or miss their appointment."
"The friendly people at have made all the difference in adopting this helpful feature. Many of my clients ask for and value the reminder. Great to have something that works with Google Calendar."

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