New Employee Onboarding

New Employee Setup: a Pro’s Check List

Easing a New Employee Into the Workplace

Starting a new job is scary:  new people, a new company and new expectations! For the employer, it is just as daunting, as the expectations of training that new employee are just as great.

A lot of thought goes into what a new employee needs to know, what they need to do and how they need to do it. Studies have shown that one-third of new hires quit their job after about six months due to undefined milestones and goals. In fact, some studies predict that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6-9 months of salary on average. This is even more reason to make sure that you are hiring the right employee and easing them into the workplace smoothly.

To prepare your new employee for success, we’ve got easy steps for you to follow to make them feel part of the team and give them everything they need to be effective in their new position.

Before The New Employee Starts


  • Prepare a welcome packet that includes a welcome letter and company policies.
  • Send the new hire a welcome email with an overview of the company, the job and the team.
  • Order supplies for the new employee (for example: business cards).
  • Optional: Invite your newest team member out to lunch on the first day.


  • Set up the new team member’s computer and log in.
  • Connect the computer to printers and networks.
  • Create a company email address for them.
  • Optional: Bookmark websites they will need to access frequently.


  • Set up the new hire’s phone extension.
  • Collect items needed to access the building such as access codes, keys, and badges.
  • Order a personalized nameplate for their door, cubicle or desk.
  • Optional: Create a personalized welcome sign.

On the First Day


  • Add the new staff member to payroll.
  • Review the welcome packet with them.
  • Have them complete all health insurance, retirement, and direct deposit forms.
  • Go over employee, vendor and customer contact lists.


  • Teach employee how to use the phone, including transferring calls and accessing voicemail.
  • Provide instructions for company-provided cell phones, tablets and laptops.
  • Go over remote-access passwords and information.
  • Review the new email account and appropriate signature formats.


  • Give a tour of the office.
  • Provide building safety and emergency information.
  • Indicate where to eat on site and suggest neighboring eateries.
  • Perform an ergonomic evaluation of the chair, the desk and the monitor.

The First Week


  • Add the new team member to all relevant email lists.
  • Invite them to all work calendars and shared office documents.
  • Give them their first project and explain how future projects will be assigned.
  • Add new employee’s birthday to the birthday list: frequent cake is a good thing!


  • Set up training for any custom software.
  • Review how to answer phones and supply scripts if applicable.
  • Offer IT security training including password management and email attachment safety.
  • Review your business’ social media policy.


  • Teach employee how to get additional supplies.
  • Follow up on ergonomics and order a new chair if necessary.
  • Ask the new team member if they need anything else (such as a headset).
  • Optional: give the new employee a decorative gift (like a picture frame).

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