How to choose an appointment reminder service.

Why Amanda chose as her Patient Reminder Service

A busy, 5-practitioner, physical-therapy clinic recently switched from a large automated marketing and communications service to as their patient reminder service. Curious, we asked Amanda, the Office Manager who had made the decision, what had made her leave her existing service and come to us.

Here is what she explained.

With her previous service, when she needed help, it was not possible to speak to a live person: she had to open a ticket and wait for an email response to arrive on the next day. So if she was having an urgent problem with her service, there was nothing she could do. Also, the service ended up costing more than what had been advertised.

In fact, looking at her bill, she noticed that she was paying for a block of reminders upfront—whether she used them or not. She was also paying fees, but the most costly portion was the marketing. This sounded great in the ads, but turned out to be a huge disappointment.

This was a well-known company so we were surprised to hear that the marketing aspect had been a disappointment and asked her why.

Too Many Bundled Services

Amanda explained that the service was great at sending patients “tons” of surveys which eventually got annoying. Even though her clinic had started to turn off some of these features, they still had to pay for them.

If that wasn’t enough, [the automated marketing and communications service] had made promises of managing social media and reputation, but all they had really done was add her office to an obscure online directory. None of this was drumming up more business, and Amanda had to continue managing Yelp, Facebook and Twitter on her own.

In the end, Amanda resented paying an exorbitant monthly subscription for this service.

So we asked her why she decided to switch to She explained that she had created a list of what she wanted [in an appointment-reminder service], and then searched for a service that had everything from her list. Apparently, it was not an easy task.

Here’s what she encountered when she tried to find everything on her list.

Amanda’s Patient Reminder Service Wish List

Real Customer Service

Amanda had found out the hard way that she liked real (i.e. live, human) customer service. While making her selection she avoided websites that hid, or did not have, a clear customer service phone number.

Fully Automatic Service

Amanda wanted her new system to send the patient reminders automatically from her software, this way she wouldn’t have to do any work or worry about making errors. She needed someone who would create an integration to her system. Her search revealed that some services are charging hundreds of dollars to do this.

Immediate Patient Confirmations

Amanda needed to be able to see right away whether or not someone confirmed their appointment, so that she could reschedule the appointment time if necessary. She searched for a service offering live confirmations.

Different Messages

The clinic offers therapy appointments as well as water aerobics classes. She needed to find a service that could send a different reminder call (or text message) depending on the type of appointment the patient had. This requirement narrowed her search.

Text Message Answers

After several miscommunications, Amanda discovered that some patients were putting comments in their replies to her text-message reminders, and that they were not being relayed to her. Amanda wanted the ability to see, immediately, any replies to text messages–and this service was not easy to find.

HIPAA Compliance

Amanda found that some services charged more for HIPAA compliance. In other words, to get HIPAA compliance, she would have to select the most expensive plan. This felt unfair to her (we were shocked to hear about this, but a quick search showed that at least one of our competitors is indeed charging more for HIPAA compliance).

Low Cost

Amanda’s last service made her pay a huge up-front fee every month whether she was making a hundred calls or a thousand. She was looking for something better.


Amanda had some Spanish-speaking patients and wanted the ability to send patient reminders in Spanish. This search brought her directly to us.

No Contract

Amanda’s current reminder company made her sign a lengthy contract and wouldn’t let her leave without paying a huge penalty. She was not going to make that mistake again and was happy to find that does not require any contract. checked all the boxes!

Luckily for us, had everything on Amanda’s list… and then some! She  needed a custom integration and we created that for her. We were happy to set up her account and help her create her custom messages. She has since decided to take advantage of a few extra features:

  1. She has added her receptionist’s voice to the reminder calls to give them a personal touch.
  2. She uses her own caller I.D. for patient reminder calls.
  3. She selected a dedicated number from which to send her text message reminders.

Amanda is very happy, you can read her testimonial on our homepage. She likes being able to speak with us in person and she says our month-to-month payment plan exceeded her expectations: now she only pays for the reminders she has sent, after they are sent.

Amanda says she has seen a decrease in no shows since switching to For social media and reputation management, she has decided to keep handling Yelp, Twitter and Facebook herself, and if this gets to be too time consuming, she will hire a “real” social-media consultant that can focus on her clinic.

Amanda is not the only person that’s excited about our service. In fact, we get customers sharing their experiences with all the time.

Here Are Some Testimonials:

Here are some of the most recent comments:

“Thank you so much for your services. Our customers often comment that they like the ‘sound of the voice’ used in your phone calls. Well done.”  –Nelson Wellness Center

“Works like a charm.” –Family Dental

“We’ve received wonderful feedback from patients.” –Personal Foot Care

“[…]since I signed up, I’ve seen my no-show rate drop from several patients a day to one or two a week. Their software is so easy to use, it directly integrates with my scheduling software and every day it automatically makes that calls at six o’clock without my staff having to do any work. My customer appreciate the flexibility it offers too! They can get either text messages or phone calls. It’s a real life saver.” –Advanced Dental

“Since I’ve been using, I’ve noticed a significant difference in the amount of people I am able to see per day which results in more sales for me. Thank you guys and gals at for creating such an awesome system that really helps my business.” –North American Senior Benefits

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Messages like these make our day every time.

If you’re wondering if is the right choice for you, try us for one month, the trial costs only $1. Remember, if you sign up and the service is not for you, no problem. There is no contract, you can cancel at any time. We’ll answer the phone, we promise!