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Only 1 in 50 PTs Can Pass This Physical Therapy Test. Can You?

Think You Can Pass this Physical Therapy Test?

Sacrum, carpal tunnel, neuromuscular re-education. Most physical therapy programs focus on the body, and how to help the body heal—and rightly so. But physical therapists need to know a lot more, especially if they run their own practice. You may be familiar with the different terms that you use in everyday practice. But how many can you define in a physical therapy test? This quiz tests your knowledge of the broader terms used in PT clinics. It includes education, anatomy, treatment, billing, and law terms.

Even if you’re already running a practice: everyone learns things differently. We each collect different degrees of knowledge about certain topics as we grow. How do you think you would do if you were tested on business lingo? Whether you’re already a PT, an aide, or a student, this Physical Therapy Test will give you a challenge. Plus, it’s a unique way to test what you know and add some more terms to your vocabulary. So, try it now, and as always, have fun and enjoy!

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