Podcasts for Healthcare Providers

Fantastic Podcasts for Healthcare Providers

Why Do People Love Podcasts?

If you’re like many, you may not be aware that there are podcasts for healthcare providers. You may even wonder why anyone listens to podcasts anymore. To summarize: podcasts are like blogs that you can listen to on your smartphone. They are convenient, portable, and in most cases, up to date.

Podcasts appeal to those who:

  • Learn better through listening.
  • Like to be entertained or informed as they travel.
  • Love blogs, but don’t want to squint to read them on the phone.
  • Prefer audiobooks to reading.

How do Podcasts Work?

There are different ways to subscribe to podcasts. Some are distributed through a blog. Some are streamed live. Others require an app that is downloaded to your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. iTunes, for example, is an app that allows you to access podcasts from your iPhone or iPad.

Best Podcasts for Healthcare Providers

Today there are a variety of podcasts that cover just about every aspect of the healthcare industry. Whether you’re looking for the latest information about your specialty or tips on how to run your practice, you are sure to find something. We’ve come up with a variety of podcasts for healthcare providers (some mainstream, and some lesser known) to help you get started:

1. For A Good Place to Start:
New England Journal of Medicine

The NEJM hardly needs an introduction. Because it’s easy to use and familiar, it’s a great place to start. The NEJM offers two podcasts. NEJM This Week summarizes each week’s articles. NEJM Interviews offer conversations with key thought leaders in medicine and healthcare.

Current Podcasts:

Effect of HIV Antibody VRC01 On Viral Rebound
U.S. and English Rates of Aortic Aneurysm Repair

2. For Medical Students:
Student BMJ

The International Medical Journal for Students, Student BMJ, is a world-renowned resource that broadcasts substantial and entertaining episodes meant to inform students and healthcare providers all throughout their careers.

Current Podcasts:

Tell Me a Story (Patient Experience)
What Are They On? (Medication Reconciliation)

3. For Deep Thinkers:
Second Opinion (KCRW)

KCRW’s Second Opinion, featuring Dr. Michael Wilkes, presents issues ranging from the practical to the political to the controversial, with an emphasis on medical ethics.

Current Podcasts:

Healing the Healers
Bias Directed Against Healthcare Providers

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4. For the Latest in Medical Advances:
Medical Discovery News (UT)

The Medical Discovery News podcast covers topics such as education, scientific investigation, patient care, and the latest in innovative biomedical and health services. Its mission is to increase “effective and accessible health care for the citizens of Texas”.

Current Podcasts:

Cancer Detection in A Breath
Factors Accelerating the Spread of Infectious Diseases

5. For a Fresh Look:
The Short Coat Podcast (UI)

Interested in what the next batch of physicians is thinking? On The Short Coat Podcast, host Dave Etler discusses news and opinions with medical students from the University of Iowa. Positive and upbeat, it takes a new look at healthcare-related topics.

Current Podcasts:

RIP, Radioactive Boy Scout
Considering the Other Sides

6. For Opinions From Abroad:
Health Report (ABC AU)

The Health Report offers healthcare reports by ABC AU reporters. Topics range from in-depth looks at certain health conditions to science topics such as DNA-sequencing. Podcast episodes often include several national and international experts.

Current Podcasts:

Drug-Related Deaths Among Health Workers
Do we need less vitamin D than we think?

7. For Some Healthy Mythbusting:
Inside Health (BBC)

On Inside Health, Dr. Mark Porter attempts to separate fact from fiction in regards to health conditions. With the help of regular guest Dr. Margaret McCartney, health advice is put under the microscope and clarified. These podcasts can appeal to healthcare professionals as well as to members of the general public.

Current Podcasts:

Dying at Home
Familial Hypercholesterolaemia FH

8. For Science Sprinkled with Entertainment:
Science Medicine Podcast

The Science Medicine Podcast by Dr. James McCormack and Dr. Michael Allen is an entertaining Canadian show that discusses evidence-based medicine. It takes a skeptical, science-based and sometimes humorous look at health-related topics such as vaccinations and home remedies.

Current Podcasts:

Erectile dysfunction – a hard look at the evidence
Diabetes, all the good, the bad and the ugly

9. For Practice Management Advice:
Doctor’s Digest

The Doctor’s Digest focuses on how to run a successful practice. With topics include best practices, patient safety, and budgeting. This podcast is a must for healthcare providers trying to run their own practice.

Current Podcasts:

Novel Coping Strategies for the Recession
Medicare and Healthcare Reform

10. For the Primary Care Physician:
Reach MD

ReachMD focuses on the general practitioner. It curates podcasts from a variety of different news providers. It includes interviews and programs from “globally recognized thought-leaders in medicine.”

Changing Perspective on Diabetes: An Expert Interview with Dr. Jabbour
Evaluating Back and Neck Pain in a Cancer Patient