24/7 Reliable Service features include custom voice appointment reminder calls, 2-way text message reminders, and email reminders sent from your own software.

Reliable Equipment

When choosing an automated communications service provider, up time should be the number one concern. provides the most reliable automated communications service available. We have servers at multiple sites and perform multiple backups to ensure continuous service. If any equipment goes down, your calls and text messages are sent from another location. Local conditions do not affect your service.

Made In U.S.A.

Reminder Services, Inc. offices, staff and servers are all located in North America. This ensures that calls are clear and that another country’s power outage is never your problem. Barring natural disasters, keeps running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Graveyard Maintenance

Routine maintenance is performed during graveyard hours to minimize any interruptions.

Daily Quality Control

Here at, our staff performs daily quality control checks to ensure your service is running smoothly and that all calls are crystal clear. has a built-in alert function. If your appointment reminders stop, will contact you to make sure your computer is on, your software is running, and your internet connection is functioning properly.

Recorded Calls

Reminder Services, Inc. records all outgoing calls and logs all outgoing text messages for quality control. Although other companies charge extra for this service, we feel that this is an important aspect of quality control and therefore it is included for you. You have real-time access to all of your calls and text messages. Simply log in to your account and you can play back any call.

Check-Your-System Warnings has a built-in alert function. If your outgoing calls or text messages stop, will contact you to make sure your computer is on, your software is running, and your internet connection is functioning properly.

Automated Reminder Calls

Select Voice and Language Automated Calls are fully customized to meet your needs. You can choose to use an automated voice, your own voice, or a combination of the two. The synthesized voice comes in English, French, Spanish, male and female options.

Keep Your Caller ID

There is no need to “share” a general caller ID at You can select to have your own caller ID appear with your automated reminder calls. Improve your response rate by letting your recipients know who is on the line.

Call Playback

Reminder Services, Inc. records all outgoing calls and logs all outgoing text messages for quality control. Although other companies charge extra for this service, we feel that this is an important aspect of quality control and therefore it is included for you. You have real-time access to all of your calls and text messages. Simply log in to your account and you can play back any call.

Toll-Free Message Recording Line offers a dedicated toll-free number to create unique informational messages, in your own voice, such as emergency closure notifications. If you’d like to use text-to-speech as well, you can still customize your message with an introduction and a lead-out in your own voice.

Built-In Opt-Out/Do-Not-Contact List makes it easier than ever to comply with rules and regulations. An internal Opt-Out/Do-Not-Call List keeps track of anyone who does not wish to be contacted. Alternatively, a dedicated 800 number allows users to opt out.

Custom Call Transfers and Key-Press

Customize your appointment reminder campaign even further by setting custom call transfers and key presses.

Key-Press Transfers

Would you like the caller to be able to speak to your office? The key-press transfer feature allows calls to be redirected with a key press. Designate a key to transfer a call to your office or to any phone number. This number is not shown to the caller recipient.

Custom Key Presses

You can customize this even further. Outbound calls can use key-presses to trigger any number of specialized events including appointment confirmations, cancellations, call-back requests, recording a message or playing a unique wav file.

2-Way Automated Text Messages

Flexible and Easy Automated Text (SMS) Messages makes it easier than ever to send automated text messages. Customize your strategy by creating different text messages for appointment reminders. Continue to use the scheduling software that you love, or upload a spreadsheet. Schedule one-time or repeat text messages and our software will run in the background.

Real SMS with Delivery Status

Many reminder companies actually send an email reminder that is then converted to an SMS. For this to happen, they need to know all of your recipients’ carriers. sends real SMS messages. The benefits aren’t just that you don’t need to know the recipient’s carrier, but that you do receive a delivery status.

2-Way Text Messaging

Are you gathering information? 2-way text messaging makes it even easier for your audience to respond instantly. Set up an email address to receive responses and you are ready for 2-way communication.


If you accidentally try to send a text-message appointment reminder to a land line, our system will automatically send a voice appointment reminder instead. This ensures your appointment reminders are always sent.

Dedicated Phone Number Availability

A dedicated phone number in your area code can be assigned to deliver text messages. Create a single custom number for the entire office or multiple if you have several users.

Secure Opt-In Portal’s secure opt-in portal allows you to keep records of your customer’s contact preferences while satisfying all the following requirements:

HIPAA Compliant Appointment Reminders & Notifications

According to HIPAA, appointment reminder calls are considered part of the treatment of an individual and, therefore, can be made without an authorization. However, many physicians feel more comfortable having patients sign a HIPAA Authorization Form before sending automated appointment reminders. Plus, according to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, an individual has the right to request that their provider communicate with him or her by alternative means. See 45 C.F.R. § 164.522(b) Our new Secure Opt-In Portal allows patients to do both of these things at once.

Meaningful Use Patient Reminders was already helping you fulfill Meaningful Use requirements by providing automated patient reminders for preventative care, maintaining your do-not-call list and by supplying reports for Meaningful-Use audits. The Secure Opt-In Portal allows patients to request how they would like to receive Meaningful Use patient reminders. This satisfies Meaningful Use Stage 2, Measure 12 requirements.

FCC TCPA Compliant Appointment Reminders

As a health-care related entity, you are exempt from the FCC requirement to get expressed consent for sending appointment reminder calls. However you still need to get “some form of prior express consent” in order to send appointment reminder calls or text messages to cell phones. Also, you are required to provide a way for your patients to opt-out of receiving automated calls and text messages. The Secure Opt-In Portal satisfies these requirements as well.

CAN-SPAM Act Compliant Appointment Reminder Emails

The Secure Opt-In Portal allows patients to opt-out of email appointment-reminders and notifications from your office. This ensures that you are complying with the CAN-SPAM Act which gives your recipients the right to have you stop emailing them.

Canada’s National DNCL Compliant Notifications

To follow Canada’s National DNCL (Do-Not-Call List) rules, maintains and respects an internal Do-Not-Call List for your office. Our new Secure Opt-In Portal makes it easy for your patients and your office staff to add specific numbers to your Do-Not-Call List.

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation Compliant Reminders

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) applies to any business that uses commercial electronic messages, whether they are based in Canada, in the U.S., or any country outside of Canada. If you are sending text messages and emails to your Canadian patients, you must have explicit or implied consent and provide a way to unsubscribe. The Secure Opt-In Portal fills both requirements.

Advanced Management Tools

Custom Scheduling

At, you are the boss! Decide what days and times you would like your messages to be delivered and let us do the rest. This allows you to send reminders in the evening, when people are most likely to be home. You can also send out repeat messages several times per week. Send messages together all at once or stagger them by creating a campaign.

Volume Management

Worried about receiving too many responses at once? Instead of sending all your automated messages at once, choose campaign style, and you will be able to choose how many calls/text messages are sent at the same time. When a recipient presses a key to be transferred to you, the remaining messages will be held back until that conversation is finished. This maximizes your productivity when sending notifications that require a response.

Duplicate Call Filtering

Do you send reminders to families with multiple siblings and same-day appointments? If so, enable duplicate-call filtering and will combine the information to make sure the family only gets one reminder.

Real-Time Statistics

Access the status of all your calls, texts and emails in real time. Playback any of your sent calls with one click. A log shows all of your text messages and the times at which they were sent. In addition, you can activate daily and monthly reports on all of the activity in your account.

Email Appointment Reminders

Why Pay for a Separate Service?

Wouldn’t it be easier to send all your communications from one place? now offers email appointment reminders so that you can manage all your communications from one place.

Works with Your Software seamlessly interfaces to your existing scheduling system. Just set it and forget it!

Easy HTML Templates provides you with easy html email templates so that you can create professional email reminders. Create professional-looking emails in minutes!

Opt-in/opt-out Management keeps track of your customers’ communication preferences, making it easier-than-ever to abide by anti-spam rules.

Superior Security & HIPAA

Data Security (SSL Encryption) – As a leading provider of Automated Communications, provides superior security & HIPAA compliance. Reminder Services, Inc. has taken extraordinary measures to secure your customers’ personal information by implementing SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Encryption for your protection. SSL is the same Internet security system that banks use to protect your banking information and can be trusted to secure your data.

Credit Card Security (PCI Compliance) – The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. is PCI compliant and meets all PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Medical Record Security (HIPAA Compliance) – assists healthcare providers in communicating with their patients while remaining HIPAA compliant. complies with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations regarding the privacy and confidentiality of all client and physician information.’s utilization of personal information is limited to that which is necessary to fulfill its mission of assisting physicians in their practice, while providing the minimum amount of identifiable client data required to perform the specified communication. For more information, please download our HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.

Integrations and Support

Keep Using the Software that You Love

At we customize our service to fit your needs. Integrations and support are always included with each account. Chances are we already have an appointment-reminder integration for your software. If not, we will work with you or your vendor to create a custom integration at no cost to you.

Live, Senior-Level Technical Support

All customers have unlimited access to Technical Support. There are no extra fees for any of your team members to talk to a live engineer whenever you have questions. We pride ourselves in having live, senior-level engineers available to answer your call.
With our 99.6% customer retention rate, we have a proven track record with customer satisfaction and willingness to take the extra steps needed to make the transition to an automated reminder service a great experience. We pride ourselves on providing a superior reminder service product and we ensure that our service will allow you to work more effectively and efficiently.

There is always room for improvement and we enthusiastically encourage feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at or call (888) 858-6673.

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