Patients Want Tech Savvy Doctors

Why Tech Savvy Docs Are Winning

It happens every time a patient enters your office. They assess you, how you present yourself, what your examining room looks like and how modern, or tech savvy your office is. In fact, first impressions often set the stage for the kind of relationship that you will have with your patient.

You are a health care provider, but you also have a business to run and you need to remain as competitive as possible. Running a successful practice means not only keeping up with the latest medical information, HIPAA guidelines and coding regulations, but also embracing the latest technology.

Why Should I Have to Change How I do Business?

Technology is always evolving and the old adage is true – if you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind. It takes more than a great relationship to keep your patient base these days and even more work to grow your business. Patients are demanding more, because they are smarter today than they were yesterday.

When surveyed, patients revealed they would rather have a doctor who is technically literate than someone who is a dinosaur. In fact, 65% said they have more confidence in tech savvy doctors, while 68% said they actually feel a sense of relief when physicians use up-to-date technology.

Patients now have the ability (and determination) to research their symptoms, search for available doctors in their area, and compare doctors through review sites. Patients are using hi-tech tools, including smartphones, Fitbits, digital apps and social media to stay updated on the latest information in healthcare. Your competitors are also using smart tools.

Technology Empowers Patients

Patients surveyed have reported taking better care of themselves. This is a result of having an easier time talking to their doctors, and participating more in office visits when given more data. Access to key parts of electronic health records like visit notes, lab results, and discharge summaries, help patients make informed decisions.

Hi-Tech Tools Provide More Patient Data

Some physicians are connecting to their patient’s technology as well. A smart-watch, like FitBit, let’s you download a snapshot of your patient’s health information, such as blood pressure and heart rate before they even walk into the office.

Today’s Apps Can Make Your Job Easier

Technology can help reduce your work load and increase your productivity. For example, Epocrates is a healthcare app that puts drug information, interactions, diagnostic factors and treatment guidelines at your fingertips. You can quickly find other providers for consultations and referrals, as well as calculate patient measurements like BMI.

Smart Tools Help You Stay Current

Tech savvy health practitioners stay up-to-date on the latest medical innovations. UpToDate is an app that helps you do this too. It provides the latest clinical knowledge and helps you quickly answer questions when needed. You can even print and email topics or images to your patients and colleagues.

Communication Tools Help You Connect with Colleagues…

One of the more popular mobile apps for physicians is Doximity. It allows you to access your network on the go and communicate with colleagues while remaining HIPAA compliant. Doximity even provides custom-curated medical news and healthcare career management.

Plus They Help You Better Communicate with Patients

Last but not least, automated communications help you keep your patients on track. For example, sends appointment reminders automatically from your existing EHR and immediately improves patient compliance. You can even send closure notices.

With such a win-win for the practitioner and the patient, there is no doubt that the decision to embrace technology is a no brainer.

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