Personality Test

Personality Test: How Do Coworkers See You?

Why Take a Personality Test?

Have you ever realized a coworker is giving you the cold shoulder? Do you ever wonder why a particular group never asks you out to lunch?

Perhaps you have the opposite problem… you’re the life of the party, but your boss doesn’t take you seriously and you have been overlooked for a promotion. Are you wondering what you are doing wrong?

The first step is to understand that although we have different working styles, each style brings useful cards to the table. Some of us pay close attention to detail, while others are better at looking at the bigger picture. Some inspire teams, while others perform magic with data.

Then there are likes and dislikes. Some workers are quiet, while others prefer it loud. Some like routine, while others thrive on change. With all these differences, it’s no wonder we end up accidentally stepping on each others’ toes! Step on too many toes and reactions will range from the silent treatment to outright hostility.

Although we are used to sizing up those around us, it is much more difficult to see ourselves. It’s nearly impossible, in fact, to see how others perceive us. This is where a personality test can help. A personality test can show you what you are bringing to the table—and perhaps some stuff to leave at home! It can even help you choose a career, company or team that is best suited for your personality type.

Our work personality test is based on the DISC profile currently used in hundreds of companies nation wide. Take it to:

1. Figure out what people like about you.
2. Figure out what people dislike about you.
3. Reduce behaviors that sabotage you.
4. Make sure your career path is best suited to your personality.

The Work Style Personality Test


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