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What is the API? is an appointment reminder platform that offers simple tools that make it easy to create and send automated calls, text messages and emails. The API allows developers to create connections between and their own services such as calendars and practice management systems.

What It Does

Appointment Reminder Calls by

The API opens up a world of possibilities for integrating our platform to your scheduling software, CRM, EHR or other applications.

In essence, it allows you to:

  • Send Voice Messages
  • Send SMS Messages
  • Send Emails
  • Get Statuses
  • Manage Phone Numbers
  • Manage User Preferences

Getting Help API Coaching Consultation

Although was developed to be clear and straightforward, you might need a helping hand–especially if you’d like to add extra features.

Developers who have an active account and are using the API can:

  • Purchase a 30-minute coaching session ($75), or
  • Ask us to build an integration for you (see below).

Custom Integrations

Need it faster?

Sign up for a account and we can create an integration for you. There is a $200 deposit that is required to reserve an integration. The $200 is refunded to you in credits once the integration is complete.

An integration allows you to send one appointment reminder (text, voice, or email) per appointment. Additional features may be requested and developed at an hourly programming rate.

Automated Calls, Texts and Emails are sent from your software!

Become a Partner

A. Do you have 50 clients or more using one scheduling software package?
B. Do you have full copyright and ownership rights to your software?
C. Can we integrate directly to your software?

If you answered “yes” to these 3 questions you may qualify to become a partner and enjoy extra revenue!

How to Get Started

We ask all API users to sign up for an account. Also, please send a description of your project so that we can make sure it doesn’t violate any industry regulations.

The approval process is very easy and you can get started with our API in as little as 4 steps:

  1. Start a trial account for $1
  2. Fill out the API Request Form below
  3. Review the API User Agreement
  4. Receive API instructions and sample code
  5. Follow API instructions
Reminder Text Messages By

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