Put Text Appointment Reminders on Auto-Pilot,

and Get Rid of No Shows!

Automate your text reminders using your scheduler, spreadsheet, Google Calendar, EHR, EMR, or home-grown system!

HIPAA Compliant. Encrypted.

2-Way Text Reminders

Set Up Delivery from Your Calendar

Your text reminders go out automatically from your scheduler and remind customers of their appointments.

Get Appointment Confirmations!

2-way text messaging makes it easy for your audience to respond instantly. Just set up an email address to receive responses or reply to them live from your dashboard.

See Delivery Status

Most companies send email-to-text message reminders that can't return a delivery status. ReminderCall.com sends real 2-way SMS text messages so you can get a live delivery status.

Enjoy a Dedicated Phone Number

There is no need to share a generic caller I.D. because you get a dedicated phone number in your area code.

ReminderCall.com Text Appointment Reminder

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Send Appointment Reminders Using Your Existing Software:

ReminderCall.com works with EMRs and EHRs.
ReminderCall.com works with Google Calendar!
Google Calendar
ReminderCall.com can work with custom software.
Custom Software
Using Outlook to Send Appointment Reminders
Outlook Live
ReminderCall.com works with Spreadsheets.
"Great to work with. Easy to use. I launch tons of programs for my company and this is one of the smoothest implementations with the help of ReminderCalls account reps. Huge shout out to the reps!"
"Using ReminderCall has helped make our services more relevant to today's generation. We are able to send appointment reminders, update on COVID procedures and we've even used it to better communicate with Spanish speaking patients."

Text Reminders Made Easy

2 hands holding an ipad with management tools for scheduling appointment reminder calls

Choose When and How Often To Send

Got repeat appointments? No problem. You can set your text reminders to go out as often as needed—even on days when your staff is away.

Get Real-Time Statistics

You can easily access the delivery status of all your texts in real-time. Plus, you can check replies and activate daily and monthly reports.

Automatically Comply with Regulations

Your internal Opt-Out/Do-Not-Call List keeps track of anyone who unsubscribes so you don't have to.

Hospital Approved

Let Customers Opt-In Easily

Our secure opt-in portal allows you to keep records of your customer’s contact preferences while satisfying all HIPAA and TCPA requirements.

Stay HIPAA Compliant

As a Business Associate, ReminderCall.com helps hospitals communicate with their patients while remaining HIPAA compliant. In fact, we use the minimum amount of data needed to send reminders.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

ReminderCall.com secures data using SSL (secure socket layer) encryption—the same Internet security system that banks use.

ReminderCall.com Text Reminders Are Hospital Approved

Want to see how it works?

Send yourself a text reminder!

Setup As Easy As 1-2-3!

1. Connect your Scheduling Software

There is no need to learn new software because the system works with Google, Outlook, EHRs & CRMs, and many more!

2. Create Your Script

Customize your text reminders or use our existing scripts.

3. Schedule Your Appointments

Just schedule your appointments in your calendar app or spreadsheet and let ReminderCall.com remind your customers for you!

The Reminder Service You Can Trust

No Data Offshore!

Unlike many text reminder services, all of our employees, services, and data are in the United States. Plus, all servers are under lock and key in state-of-the-art SSAE-16/SOC2 facilities.


Since 1998, we have focused on doing one thing and doing it well. As a result, we enjoy a 98% up-time rate.


We serve countless hospitals and clinics, send millions of reminders per month, and we can handle your project.

The ReminderCall.com Dashboard


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Want to Reach Even More People?

ReminderCall.com Appointment Reminder Calls

With ReminderCall.com, you can create a powerful appointment reminder strategy that includes reminder calls, text messages, and emails.

Send Reminder Calls

Automated Reminder Calls allow the recipient to press a key to connect to your office to speak to someone if necessary.

Send Email Reminders

Our email add-on module sends email reminders from your scheduler too. Emails can contain more information, such as directions to your office.

Numbers To Consider

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