Text Message Appointment Reminders: Automate Your Texts


Put your organization on auto-pilot with ReminderCall.com. Our text appointment reminder software sends scheduled texts to your clients and patients, ensuring they never miss an appointment.

Why Choose Us?

  • Reminders reduce wasted resources and profit loss due to missed appointments
  • Simple integrations with current scheduling software or platforms make setting up reminders easy
  • Our software is encrypted to high-standard security protocols for excellent data protection
  • ReminderCall.com is fully HIPAA compliant

How ReminderCall.com Software Works
for Your Healthcare Organization

Our system is simple yet refined, and optimized perfectly to suit the needs of your healthcare service or business. There is no fuss and no complicated method of transferring data. The entire system is designed to be practical and easy-to-use, and make your life easier!

ReminderCall.com’s text message appointment reminder software takes information from your existing appointment records, whether they’re held on spreadsheets, compatible third-party software, your own services, or compatible EMR/EHR systems, and integrates them with our solutions.

You can then easily and quickly set up appointment text reminders for your patients and clients. Avoid empty slots and forgotten appointments, and keep your organization running at maximum capacity.

Two-Way Text Appointment Reminders

ReminderCall.com offers a two-way automated communication system. This has numerous advantages for your healthcare organization:

Get Appointment Confirmations

Not only do your patients and clients get reminders of their healthcare appointments and schedules, but they are able to respond and let you know if they can or cannot make it. Save on missed appointments and fill canceled slots early!

Set up Delivery from Your Calendar

If we interface to your scheduler, all appointment reminders are automated.  ReminderCall.com does it all for you based on your scheduling options. If you don't use a scheduler, an easy file upload can do it too!

Monitor Delivery Status

ReminderCall.com text messages are designed with software that allows you to check their delivery status. Ensure that patients and clients have received their messages, allowing you to attempt other contact methods in the event of failure.

Get A Dedicated Phone Number

Want customers to know who you are? Unlike most services, you do not have to share from numbers with others. Dedicated phone numbers with local area codes are available and easily added to your service.

A mobile phone screen showing an automated text appointment reminder from Dr. Jones

Want to See How ReminderCall.com Works for Yourself?

Get a visual and real-life example of exactly what your patients will receive when you use our services. Send a reminder to yourself now.

Management Tools:
Advanced Text Message Appointment Reminder Features

ReminderCall.com’s software provides a variety of advanced management tools designed to simplify your text reminder systems and make the whole process easy to keep track of:

Automatic Data Regulation Compliance

Compliance with modern data protection law is essential for your healthcare organization. With ReminderCall.com’s text appointment reminder software, we’ve built in functionality to support better legal compliance. Our systems automatically track and update opt-out and do-not-call requests, ensuring that you do not contact those who do not wish to be contacted.

Choose When and How Often to Send

Establish reminder options that work for your organization, including sending messages at specific times, on important dates, or at predetermined intervals prior to appointments. You can even set texts to go out on days when you are closed or during off hours.

Email Responses

Connect your text appointment reminder software to a dedicated email address and receive all your responses at once, or see them live on your dashboard.

2 hands holding an ipad with management tools for scheduling appointment reminder calls

Customer Testimonial

Are you wondering if it is worth it?  As the Business Manager of Focus On Health for nearly 2 decades, this is one of the best investments we have ever made and is worth its weight in gold to any clinic or organization.  ReminderCall.com is an awesome product that is supported by bright, ingenious professionals who care about your business by continually finding ways to make their product even better.  Trust me, it is the best decision you will make for your business and you will wonder why you didn't sooner.

- Jeff J. Coyle, Business and Operations Manager, Focus On Health, A Physical Therapy Corporation

ReminderCall.com Is Approved for Use by Hospitals

It doesn’t matter whether you are:

  • A full-scale hospital operating local or regional services
  • A medical group
  • A private practice

Our text appointment reminder software is approved for use. We’ve achieved this by offering special functionality designed for the medical environment, ensuring that you can meet important data protection and patient safety policies:

Stay HIPAA Compliant

As a Business Associate, ReminderCall.com helps hospitals and healthcare organizations communicate with their patients while remaining HIPAA compliant. We use the minimum amount of data needed to send reminders, reducing risk and potential compliance issues.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Given the amount of scrutiny the healthcare industry faces, many businesses and organizations are concerned with securing data. ReminderCall.com secures all data using advanced SSL encryption. This is the same internet security system that banks use. We also update our software regularly to protect against new and emerging threats to your data.

Let Customers Opt in Easily

Our secure opt-in/opt-out portal allows you to keep records of your customer’s contact preferences while satisfying all HIPAA, Meaningful Use and TCPA requirements. Don’t get caught using outdated phone numbers or sending messages to people who don’t want them.

A stethoscope that forms a heart shape.

Experience ReminderCall.com for Yourself

Get a sense of how our text message appointment reminders work by sending yourself a sample message. See exactly what your patients and clients will see!

Start Sending Text Message Appointment Reminders Today for Just $1

You can start your trial month with us today. Set up is easy, with simple and expertly-designed integration solutions made to get your reminders off the ground fast! 

  • The first month gives you 1,000 text messages for $1.
  •  After your first month, the account costs $14.50 per month and includes 160 text messages, unlimited users, unlimited calendars, and unlimited technical support.
  • Additional text messages cost 9 cents each*. Volume discounts are available.
  • This is a month-to-month service. You pay as you go. There is no contract.

*We service the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands For Alaska, Puerto Rico please add 3¢ per credit. A dedicated phone number can be added to your account for an additional $2.50/mo.

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