Appointment Reminder Reviews. See what our customers have to say!

11,000+ Users Manage Their Appointment Reminders with ReminderCall.

Their Satisfaction is Our Top Priority.

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Reminder Reviews:
See what our curstomers have to say!

11,000+ Users Manage Their Appointment Reminders with ReminderCall.

Their Satisfaction is Our Top Priority.

1 (888) 858-6673

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Ainsley H.


“The price is great for the services provided. A lot less patients miss appointments. They also love how easy it is to communicate with me which makes my schedule fill up faster, as well as any changes known about in a timely manner.”

Christabelle B.

Client Experience Manager

“It saves us time and energy. Give it a try and you’ll like it. It touches the client three times to remind them: text, phone and email reminder. So far, we have been with them for 2 to 3 years now and I have no complaints.”

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“ is easy to use, and the customer service is very good. It saves us time and money. It has an automated option to remind the patients we service. The automated text message system is very effective.”

Madhawa C.
Medical Trainee

“We purchased this product to help reduce cancellations and no-show appointments. It has helped immensely! We are able to alert patients via text or call that they have an appointment in 24hrs, and they are able to confirm with their schedules.”

Ally V.
Office Manager

“ReminderCall is a partner with Clinic Dr. and the integration was a huge plus! It’s saved our office a lot of time! I also appreciate that after a couple failed test attempts, it will switch to a phone call to main. If an answering machine picks up, the entire call is recorded which is also nice.”

Dawn S.
Office Manager

“I used to personally make the calls for our office & type out the individual text messages; which was very time consuming! Since we got ReminderCall I have been able to put my focus on more important job duties! This software is simple & easy to use! The way the website is set up with the ability to track the success & failures of the calls is amazing.”

Samantha D.
Front Desk CA

and TrustPilot

“I am new to booking appointments and I have had to all ReminderCall several times for help. Every single representative that has answered my call has been so kind, so patient and so thorough. I really couldn’t be happier with this service. Thank you so much!”


“Wonderful service. We moved our business from Televox to ReminderCall. I should have made the switch years ago! RC was responsive and reliable during the implementation and the technology is FAR superior to our previous vendor. I strongly recommended RC to anyone wanting to automate their patient/client communications.”


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Horizon Reminder Reviews

Patients unseen dropped to less than 5%.

“Prior to using ReminderCall, we had a 20% Patient Unseen Rate (No Shows+Cancels) that we simply couldn’t fix. We tried a No Show Penalty fee, we tried different scheduling methods and therapist education/consultation and it was a constant source of frustration and financial drain. However, once we started using the system; our % of Patients Unseen dropped to less than 5% nearly immediately. It has been this way for the past 4 weeks. This is improving our bottom line by over $8,000/week! I can’t believe how successful this has been for us and I can’t thank you enough.”

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– Matt Clark, Horizon Rehabilitation

SEG Urology Reminder Reviews

Nothing less than outstanding.

“When trying to choose which appointment reminder service to go with, many things may run through one’s head- How great is the quality? What features and options are there? Do they offer support? What is the cost? My experience with ReminderCall has been nothing less than outstanding. I especially like the option to create customized messages for different types of appointments and the support staff was always a pleasure to speak with and eager to help when I had questions. Besides ReminderCall’s great quality and excellent customer service team, it all comes for a great price- lower than any other reminder system that I have researched. I, without hesitation, recommend and will continue to recommend ReminderCall to friends, businesses, and anyone interested in an appointment reminder system.”

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-Hinton Levi Hall, IT Specialist, Southeast Georgia Urology Associates

Nelson Reminder Reviews

Well done.

“Our customers often comment that they like the “sound of the voice” used in your phone calls. Well done.”

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-Agnes Schrider, PT, Nelson Wellness Center


The services just work, every day.

“The services just work, every day. Over the last 4 years, I have sent 65,000 voicemails and 50,000 text messages.

We started with just voicemail reminders for appointments and naturally, they improved the likelihood of the meeting taking place. We then added text reminders – and because it was so easy – we added a text confirmation (right after the appointment was booked). Our customers love it.

The best part is that customers are much more willing to reply to text messages. Those replies come to us as emails (instead of calls) which are easy to handle.

We recently started to converse with customers via the text service, which was easy to implement and efficient for our operators.

Can’t imagine doing what we do without these services.”

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-Philip Lambert, RoundhillExpress, LLC

Peak PT reminder reviews

A hands-free system that works.

“Thank you for the great service! Chris made my set up a breeze and now I have a custom, hands-free system that works. Patients love patient reminders. I would highly recommend ReminderCall… in fact, I’ve already recommended you to several people.”

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-Amanda Rodriguez, Office Manager, Peak Physical Therapy

Lafayette Reminder Reviews

We love the reminder call log online.

“We love the reminder call log online. We can tactfully handle situations when patients come in at the wrong time. We can look up the call and confirm that the reminder call had the correct time. It has been great to know that our front desk is on top of it and didn’t make a mistake. Great feature!”

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– Jill Watase, Administrative Director, Lafayette Physical Therapy, Inc.

PT Central Reminder Reviews

This is an integrated system.

All the data is pulled off, every night, automatically. So what’s really, really nice, is that you don’t have to download anything or upload anything. This is an integrated system.”

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– Bridgit Finley, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT, Physical Therapy Central, Inc.