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Works with scheduling software and spreadsheets • EHRs and EMRs
Custom integrations available

This add-on lets you send automated email reminders from your scheduler, spreadsheet, EHR, EMR or home-grown system!


Email Reminders Add-On Module

Add Emails to Your Strategy

Add's new email appointment reminder module and send all your reminders from one place.

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Let Your Scheduler Do the Work

Set up your email reminders to go out automatically from your scheduler and remind customers of their appointments.

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Set It and Forget It!

Easy mobile-friendly templates let you create professional email reminders in minutes!

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Easy and Hands Free!

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$25 Flat Rate

Add the Email Reminder Module to any existing account for just $25/mo. This includes unlimited email reminders for up to 3 locations! There are no setup fees, no contracts.

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Automatic Opt-in/Opt-Out keeps track of your customers’ communication preferences, making it easier-than-ever to abide by anti-spam rules.

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Track Results

Track email deliveries with real-time reporting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our email reminder services are available for just $25 a month. This includes unlimited email reminders for up to three locations! 

Many of our supported calendar systems allow you to send email appointment reminders from your account. Contact our support team to see if your calendar supports the email feature.

No, automated emails are regulated by the CAN-SPAM Act. It does not have an opt-in requirement, but you must include an opt-out or unsubscribe option. You must also fulfill all other CAN-SPAM requirements.

No, our mission is to offer the best appointment reminder service available. Since marketing, poll and survey emails are often marked as SPAM, they can cause our entire service to be greylisted by ISPs. Once this happens, all emails get blocked including appointment reminders. 

The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing law, known as CAN-SPAM, sets rules for commercial emails. Any business using email to communicate with customers needs to understand the CAN-SPAM Act. Emails that are commercial in nature — meaning they include the sale of a product or service — are covered by CAN-SPAM and must follow the rules. On the other hand, emails that are informational, transactional or relationship-oriented are exempt from CAN-SPAM. Examples of CAN-SPAM exempted emails are appointment reminder emails and requests for feedback.

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) went into effect on July 1, 2014 and applies to any business that uses commercial electronic messages, whether they are based in Canada, in the U.S., or any country located outside of Canada. 

Your business can comply by getting explicit consent from your customers. This can be done through an online form, a written registration form, etc. Also, make sure that your emails have a legitimate, verifiable “From” email address, a truthful subject line, and your company’s identity and physical address. You should always include a clear way for the recipient to opt-out of receiving future emails. 

To ensure that all of our appointment reminders are being received, we make sure that they aren’t marked as SPAM. All of our appointment reminder emails have a specific template that can’t be used for marketing, polls, or surveys.

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