Check to see if ReminderCall
already works with your software!

Works with scheduling software and spreadsheets • EHRs and EMRs
Custom integrations available • HIPAA Compliant • Encrypted

1 (888) 858-6673

Check to see if ReminderCall
already works with your software!

Automated Calls, Texts and Emails are sent from your software!

Works with scheduling software and spreadsheets • EHRs and EMRs
Custom integrations available • HIPAA Compliant • Encrypted

1 (888) 858-6673

ReminderCall Integrations

  • 123Pet by DaySmart (Pet Grooming)
  • Accuro by QHR Technologies (Medical)
  • Acuity (Business)
  • Acumen nEHR  (Nephrology)
  • AdvancedMD by ADP AdvancedMD Software, Inc. (Medical)
  • Allscripts PM (Medical)
  • AppointmentPlus/DaySmart Appointments (Business)
  • AppointmentsPro by SpectraSoft (Medical)
  • Autumn8 by Chirotouch
  • Billing Precision by Vericle (Medical, Chiropractic)
  • BizWiz (Contractors)
  • BMS Practice Solutions (PT)
  • Book Fresh by Square, Inc. (Small Business)
  • CareCloud (Medical)
  • CareLink by My Mobile Practice Manager (Medical House Calls)
  • CareLogic by Qualifacts (Mental Health)
  • Casamba Clinic by Net Health(Medical)
  • CAVU (Medical)
  • CenterPiece by (Medical & Other)
  • Cerner by CareTracker (Medical)
  • CFPM by Competitive Edge (Podiatry)
  • ChiroSpring by IntuiSoft Technologies (Chiropractic)
  • ChiroTouch (Chiropractic)
  • ClearPractice by Lumeris (Medical)
  • ClinicDr (Chiropractic)
  • Clinicmaster by ADDATech (Physical Therapy)
  • ClinicMind by Vericle (Mental Health)
  • ClinicSource (Therapy)
  • Crystal PM (Optometry)
  • Customer Factor (Service Business)
  • Diamond Dental (Dental)
  • Dolphin Management by Patterson Dental (Dental)
  • Eaglesoft by Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. (Dental)
  • EClipse by MPN Software Systems (Chiropractic)
  • Ekyros (Medical)
  • Encite (Dermatology)
  • eNotes by eMed Solutions (Behavioral Health)
  • EPIC, Cadence, Resolute by EPIC (Medical, Hospital)
  • EyeMD EMR (Ophthalmology)
  • EZClaim (Medical)
  • EZDerm (Dermatology) FILE UPLOAD
  • GE Centricity (Medical, Hospital)
  • Genesis Best Chiropractic by Vericle (Chiropractic)
  • Google Calendar (General)
  • Google Chrome Extension (general)
  • Greenlite EMR (Weight Loss)
  • Helper by Netsmart Technologies, Inc. (Behavioral Health)
  • iClinic by MDLand (Medical)
  • Improveit 360 (Contractors)
  • InkBook by DaySmart CMJ (Tattoo and Piercing)
  • InPhase by InPhase Technologies Group (Chiropractic)
  • Intergy by Greenway Health (Medical)
  • IO Practiceware (Ophthalmology)
  • Kareo (Medical)
  • ManagementPlus by Medflow (Ophtalmology)
  • MarketSharp (Contractors)
  • MDCare by Vision Infonet (Medical)
  • MDSynergy (Medical)
  • MedicsElite by ADS (Medical)
  • Medisoft Office Hours by McKesson (Medical)
  • MediTouch EMR by HealthFusion, Inc. (Medical)
  • Medrium by AdvantEdge Healthcare (Medical)
  • Modernizing Medicine (Medical)
  • My Practice Now (Medical)
  • MyAvatar by NetSmart (Medical)
  • M.S. Group (Eye Care and Dermatology)
  • Net Health (Medical)
  • NextStep/EZClaim (Medical)
  • Nextech (Medical)
  • NextGen (Medical)
  • OAND by Competitive Edge (Podiatry)
  • Office Ally (Medical)
  • OfficeMate by Eyefinity (Optometry)
  • Open Dental (Dental) BETA
  • OPIE Software (O&P Patient Care)
  • OnTarget by Aymira Healthcare (Mental Health)
  • Orchid by DaySmart, CMJ (Medical Spa)
  • OSCAR by Oscar McMaster (Medical)
  • Outlook Live by Microsoft (Business)
  • Paceart Medtronic (Cardiac Device Management)
  • PowerMD (Medical)
  • PracticePerfect EMR (aka InTouch)  (PT)
  • PracticeStudio by MicroFour (Medical)
  • PracticeToday (Medical, Dental)
  • Pro Health Billing (Medical)
  • PrognoCIS by Bizmatics (Medical)
  • Psyquel (Behavioral Health)
  • PTOS by Patterson Medical (PT)
  • QuickPractice by PracticePro (Medical)
  • Redtail CRM (Finance)
  • RevolutionEHR by Health Innovation Tech. (Optometry)
  • Salon Iris by DaySmart CMJ (Salon)
  • Schedulicity (Business)
  • ScheduleOnce (Business) BETA
  • Service Titan (Contractors)
  • ServiceCEO by WorkWave (Field Service Business) BETA
  • Setmore (Business)
  • Sigmund Software (Behavioral Health)
  • SilkOne EMR (Chiropractic)
  • SIMMS Software by Kornyk (Inventory)
  • SnapAppointments (Business)
  • SOAPware (Medical)
  • Stellar Chiropractic (Chiropractic)
  • Systems4PT (PT)
  • TheraOffice by Hands On Technology (PT)
  • TherAssist (PT)
  • Therasoft (Behavioral Health)
  • TrakNet (Podiatry)
  • Vericle by Medical Billing Business (Medical, Chiropractic)
  • WoundExpert by Net Health (Wound Care)

If your appointment reminder software isn’t on this list of supported software, we can create a custom connection for you!

ReminderCall Partners


Allscripts Practice Management is a supported software that introduces effective and efficient workflows to your medical practice to generate more money and achieve a healthier bottom line.

ARIS Medical Solutions

Aris Medical Solutions is a supported software that provides expert information and quality services in the area of HIPAA compliance. They test their solutions, giving you peace of mind prior to your next audit.


A single business management & workflow software for contractors or home service companies automating leads, sales, installation, service & accounting.

BMS Practice Solutions

BMS Practice Solutions is a supported software that combines state-of-the-art technology with face-to-face guidance and service to transform physical therapy practices of all sizes.

Finally! A Practice Management Solution Built from the Ground Up for House Call Providers. My Mobile Practice Manager CareLink is a cloud-based software product that was developed as a practice management tool for your mobile health care service company or Medical House Calls practice.

Casamba Clinic / Net Health

Trusted by the nation’s top therapy companies, Casamba Clinic (Net Health) is a supported software. It helps outpatient clinics increase revenue with improved workflows and intelligent billing. 


ChiroSpring is a cloud-based, multi-platform (Mac and PC) chiropractic practice management software that has been designed by chiropractors, specifically for chiropractors.

Clinic Doctor

ClinicDr is a supported software. It combines chiropractic software and billing services all in one EHR, available anywhere and anytime on any of your devices.


CenterPiece by is a center management software solution that supports Christ-Centered Pregnancy Centers and Medical Clinics around the globe. Our management and telemedicine tools help Centers and Clinics streamline ministry processes, and significantly reduce operating costs.


eNotes is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) software for the Mental & Behavioral Health Industry. It is easy to learn, simple to use, always accessible, and can dramatically improve the experience of documenting and billing mental health encounters.

EZ Claim

EZClaim Medical Billing Software is a cost-effective and easy-to-use medical billing and scheduling practice management system for the small to medium size provider office.

Management Plus

Management Plus Electronic Health Records system is specially designed for optometry. It simplifies your workflow, helps you increase patient flow, and grow your practice.

M.S. Group Software

Use M.S. Group’s acclaimed eye care and dermatology practice management software to streamline billing, insurance filing, scheduling, and other daily tasks.

PracticePerfect EMR

PracticePerfect EMR + Management Software gives you all the tools you need to quickly and easily maximize the effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of your medical practice, while helping to ensure compliance and the highest standard of patient care.

Pro Health Billing

Pro Health Billing has simple but effective software for small practices and is designed specifically for use by small medical practices to bill private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue shield, fee for service, and patient pay.


TheraOffice is the only EMR and practice management software designed by physical therapists to be highly adaptable to your unique business.


Vericle provides integrated medical practice management and billing software as a service (SaaS). Vericle’s billing network allow a large number of physicians to capitalize upon their strength in numbers. ReminderCall works with a variety of Vericle solutions, such as Genesis.

Vision Works

Vision Works is an integrated billing and clinical management software suite designed to seamlessly integrate your entire optometry organization. With your case management and billing processes coordinated in a single system, there’s no need for third-party software.

If Your Software is Not on Our List… Let’s Add it!

What is a ReminderCall custom integration?

ReminderCall integration is an application that allows you to send appointment reminders automatically when you enter appointments into your scheduling software. You set your preferences, and the system works in the background. A customized application sends data from your system to ReminderCall. A secure connection shares encrypted data with the same technology used by banks.

Can you create an integration with my system?

Although we will try our best to create an integration for you, we cannot guarantee that your system will have the features required to work with ReminderCall. In general, we can create integrations with most scheduling systems, however, some systems, simply do not make an integration possible.

How much does an integration cost?

If you sign up for a ReminderCall account, we will create an integration for you. There is a $200 deposit that is required to reserve an integration. The $200 is refunded to you in ReminderCall credits once the integration is complete. A custom integration allows you to send one appointment reminder (textvoice, or email) per appointment. Additional features may be requested and developed at an hourly programming rate.

How long does an integration take?

To ensure the best quality possible, we take approximately 4 weeks to complete each integration. Our integration schedule goes as follows:

Week 1: We research your software, map the database and code.
Week 2: We conduct internal testing and quality assurance.
Week 3: We conduct testing with your staff and work together on debugging.
Week 4 and Beyond: We offer support and training for the duration of your account with ReminderCall.

Can I get started today?

Our integrations are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are quite popular. Although we are eager to create a wonderful system for you, there may be other customers ahead of you. In the meantime, we offer a spreadsheet upload solution, so that you can start sending appointment reminders right away.

To request a custom integration, please call (888) 858-6673.

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