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From Your Google Calendar

For as little as $14.50 per month

Turn Google Calendar into an Appointment Reminder Power House

Send appointment reminder calls, text messages and emails from your existing Google Calendar.

Setup Google Calendar Reminders in 3 Easy Steps

Are you ready to reduce your no-show rate by 90%? automatically sends appointment reminders to your customers as you book appointments. One simple setup gets you on your way:

1. Connect Google Calendar

Just follow the prompts.

2. Create Your Message

Customize your calls, text messages, and emails or use existing scripts.

3. Schedule Your Appointments

Schedule your appointments and we automatically remind your customers for you!

Reminder Text Messages By
Appointment Reminders by ReminderCall

Get Instant Google Confirmations

In Google Calendar:

Appointment reminder status appears live in your Google Calendar event.

On Your ReminderCall Dashboard:

Enjoy live delivery status updates, confirmations, and join 2-way text message conversations.

Or, Via Email:

Set up activity reports to get all appointment reminder activity via email.

Want to Take a Test Drive?

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The Reminder Service You Can Trust

No Data Offshore!

Unlike many reminder services, all of our employees, servers, and data are in the United States.

Advanced Security

All servers are under lock and key in state-of-the-art SSAE-16/SOC2 facilities.

Up Time

Since 1998, we have focused on doing one thing and doing it well. As a result, we enjoy a 98% up-time rate!

SOC2 Compliance Badge

ReminderCall on G2

"We use ReminderCall to send texts reminding staff of an upcoming shift, at odd hours. They are terrific with customer service and my phone call with them turned into making my job easier!"
"I definitely believe you will not be disappointed if you choose ReminderCall! It's inexpensive and easy to use! You will greatly reduce your clients No show appointments!"

And There's More:

Discover how the Reminder Call Chrome Extension can streamline appointment setting in Google Calendar.
Watch this 53 second video:

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With the Google Calendar Chrome Extension, You Can:

Enter Appointments

Google Reminder Event Setup

With the ReminderCall Chrome Extension, you can enter events into Google Calendar from anywhere on the web!

Enter Appointments On-The-Fly

Google Reminder Event Setup

Enter Appointments On-The-Fly

With the ReminderCall Chrome Extension, you can enter events into Google Calendar from anywhere on the web!

Preview Your Schedule
From Anywhere

Now you can manage your Google Calendar without interrupting your workflow.

Just open the ReminderCall Chrome Extension to preview and edit Google Calendar from the Chrome Browser.

You can also view the Google Calendar appointment reminders that have been setup.

Google Reminder Chrome Extension

Manage Your Contacts
From Any Web Site

Google Reminder Contacts

Search your contacts from the extension and add them to a Google Calendar appointment. Or, add a new contact to Google Contacts with just a click on your Chrome Browser.

Trigger Appointment Reminders

Automatically triggers your account to send Google reminders using text messages, calls and emails. You can schedule your customers using the ReminderCall Chrome Extension.

Google Reminder: Calendar Setup

Schedule an appointment with just a few keystrokes!

Google Reminder Schedule

Save time as you search your contacts in two steps:
-Enter the contact name,
-Click the Search button.

Then, add the event to your calendar in three steps:
-Choose the appointment date,
-Choose the appointment time,
-Click the Add button.

Get Appointment Confirmations!

See customers confirm their appointments live on your Google Calendar as the system writes a note to the event. “Sent” means the reminder was sent. “Conf” means the appointment was confirmed.

Now, you will be able to see your Google Calendar Notifications and your text message reminders from your Google Calendar.

Google Reminder Confirmations

ReminderCall on Capterra

"Great Product. Integrates easily with Google Calendar, saves a ton of time, once set up there’s very little need to make changes."
"We no longer have to call to confirm appointments and it works seamlessly with our Google Calendar. Love it all – it makes our lives much easier."

Try Automated Appointment Reminders with Our Exclusive Trial Offer

Creating a reminder strategy just got easier with our 30-day trial.

30 day trial. No contracts. No plans. No hassles.
Easy Integration. Great Customer Care.

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