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Appointment Reminder Calls, Text Message Reminders, Email Reminders.

Supply quality, reliable appointment reminders. Provide senior-level technical support. Offer competitive rates. Enjoy extra revenue…Without Lifting a Finger. Appointment Reminder White Label Program’s Appointment Reminder White Label Program makes it easy for you to offer appointment reminder calls, text messages and emails to your customers directly through your existing software or through a separate, custom portal designed with your branding. The appointment reminders are sent automatically. We create a custom integration or branded customer portal at no charge to you . You bill your customers directly at your own rate.

Custom Integrations

Custom integrations are our specialty. Whether you want to create a seamless integration or a separate portal, our engineers will do the work for you, at no charge to you.

Your Own Branding

Our engineers can add appointment reminders to your system, or, if you prefer, create a customer portal using your logo, colors and branding.

Set Your Rates

As an appointment reminder white label partner, you set your own rates and bill your own customers. They will not know we exist. Appointment Reminder Partnership Program’s Appointment Reminder Partnership Program also allows you to offer appointment reminder calls, text messages and emails to your customers. We create a custom integration at no charge and appointment reminders are sent automatically from your scheduler. We bill your customers for you and provide them free technical support so you don’t have to.

Easy Solution creates the integration, provides technical support and even handles the billing, so you don’t have to.

Unbeatable Support

We pride ourselves in having live, senior-level engineers available to answer your customers’ questions; however, once the system is set up, it runs by itself.

Recurring Revenue

As a partner, you can participate in our recurring revenue program or pass the additional savings to your customers. The choice is up to you.

Become a Partner-In-Quality’s Appointment Reminder White Label and Partnership Programs allow you to shine. Feel comfortable knowing that ALL customers enjoy excellent service and quality.

Superior Security has taken extraordinary measures to secure information. We use SSL encryption, are PCI compliant and HIPAA compliant.

100% Verifiable Delivery

Your customers can play back any sent call with one click. Real-time reports, text message logs and status emails keep them in the know.

Reliable Service

We have multiple server sites in North America and perform daily quality control and backups. Let our reliability make your product shine. Has a 96.6% Customer-Retention Rate. Find Out Why: 1 (888) 858-6673

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