Get the Ultimate Guide to Writing Patient Reminder Calls, Text Messages and Emails

Includes 26 Free Appointment Reminder Templates

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Julie S. | Billing Manager
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"I like that takes care of everything for us. We don't have to send out the texts or calls, it is just automatically done. Before we would call each of our patients to remind them about their appointments. This has cut down a lot of time for our staff and made for more productive time. It is also incorporated into our software so the process of setting up was very seamless."

What will this e-book do for me?

This 24-page guide will teach you what you need to include in your patient reminder calls, text messages and emails in order to achieve the best results.

You’ll learn best practices for each appointment reminder type and some of the rules to consider.

Plus, receive 28 Free Appointment Reminder Templates for different industries. Includes English, French and Spanish examples!

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