What's Your Ideal Work Environment?

What’s The Best Work Environment? [Quiz]

Is There An Ideal Work Environment?

There are many tests to help you figure out what line of work is best suited for your personality. But once you’re on the job for a while, you realize that other things impact how you feel about your work. In fact, someone else’s dream company might turn out to be a total nightmare for you. Even if you’re lucky enough to have found the perfect career for your temperament, you’ll be unhappy if the work environment does not meet your needs. That’s why this quiz focuses on finding the ideal work environment for you.

For example, if unexpected challenges energize you, you might perform well in a startup environment. On the other hand, someone who is thrown off their game by constant change will do better in a mature company with established procedures.

Your supervisor can also have an impact on your job satisfaction. Some workers need a solid project manager who can help them manage their time and keep on track. They feel lost, unmotivated, and ignored without guidance. Others would rather be left to their own devices and feel micromanaged when someone tries to help them organize their work.

Your social temperament is yet another factor to consider. Here’s a real-life example comparing two companies in San Francisco, California: “Company A” houses its software engineers in cubicles so that they can concentrate with minimal interruptions. “Company B” seats the same type of software engineers around a long table so that they can work together. Certainly, if you’re an introvert, or have any attention issues, you may work more efficiently at Company A.

What’s the Ideal Work Environment for You?

So when looking for a company to work for, it’s important to check out the environment and ensure it will allow you to work at your best. To do that, you need to know which environment best suits you.

To find out, take the What’s the Best Work Environment for You? Quiz:

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