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8 Clever Ways to Attract More Patients!

So you have a successful practice, but you would like more patients. It seems hard, but it’s not that difficult… if you use the right marketing tools. In fact there are many easy, inexpensive, and effective marketing opportunities available. Here are 8 clever ways to attract more patients: Update Your Google Maps Information Let’s face…

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5 Ways Patient Appointment Reminder Software Can Benefit Your Organization

Are you thinking about introducing patient appointment reminder software into your healthcare organization but are unsure about whether or not the benefits outweigh to costs? There are many powerful advantages of implementing automated reminder systems into your healthcare business; advantages that can have a profound impact on everything from consumer happiness to profit margins. In…

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How to Communicate with Patients and Staff During a Crisis

As a healthcare provider, you may advise people to take care of their health before a crisis strikes. But are you doing this for your practice? These days, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and volcanoes seem to be all over the news. How you would communicate with patients during a natural disaster? Would you be able to…

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Most Healthcare Staff Can’t Pass this Bedside Manner Quiz. Can You?

The expression “bedside manner” conjures up images of nurses and hospitals. But nowadays, it is used to describe all the interactions a patient has while receiving care. That’s every communication, from the first phone call to the “goodbye” at the end of the last dental visit. It extends beyond physicians and includes all support staff.…

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