Appointment Reminders: How to Use Them to Stamp Out No Shows

Appointment Reminders

Let’s face it, no shows affect our bottom line. Even if we reschedule, we are losing money. We have to pay employees, utilities, rent… and get no compensation for that block of time. Appointment reminders increase attendance and decrease no-shows. And, you can get even better results by using the right appointment reminders for your…

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Only 1 in 50 PTs Can Pass This Physical Therapy Test. Can You?

Physical Therapy Test

Think You Can Pass this Physical Therapy Test? Sacrum, carpal tunnel, neuromuscular re-education. Most physical therapy programs focus on the body, and how to help the body heal—and rightly so. But physical therapists need to know a lot more, especially if they run their own practice. You may be familiar with the different terms that…

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Avoiding Medical Office Data Breaches in Four Steps

Medical Office Data Breaches

Medical office data breaches don’t just happen to big entities like UCLA or Stanford. They affect private medical practices as well. Breaches, both big and small, can result in serious problems. For a physician, a data breach can bring audits, fines, even litigation. It can damage your reputation in the community… it can also spell…

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Why Patient Reminder Text Messages Are Becoming So Popular

Patient Reminder Text Messages

It’s no exaggeration to say that smartphones have affected our lives. The way we communicate has changed. According to Gallup, more than two-thirds of 18- to 29-year-olds say they send and receive text messages ‘a lot’. Americans aged between 30 and 49 are texting quite a bit too. Many industries are noticing the trend. In…

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What’s an Alzheimer’s Diet? [Sample Meal Plan]

Is there an Alzheimer's Diet?

Is there a diet that can ward off memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s? Is there an “Alzheimer’s Diet”? Epidemiologist Martha Clare Morris and her team at Rush University Medical Center say that there is. In a hefty study, they took 923 seniors and put them on a diet. The plan took some foods from the…

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Adding Humor to Your Medical Practice

How to add humor to your practice

In today’s world, a sense of connection between patient and doctor is often missing. This is due to many factors outside of the doctor’s control. People move around and insurance plans change. So the days of seeing the same patients for years are long gone. Office visits have become much shorter. So the conversations have…

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How Well do You Handle Stress? [Quiz]

How Well Do You Handle Stress?

Lately, we keep hearing that stress wreaks havoc in our lives. Physically, stress hinders the immune system, causes high blood pressure and heart disease. Mentally, it’s linked to chronic fatigue, depression, and even memory loss. But, did you know that sometimes how we react to stress can be more harmful than what caused the stress?…

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Patient Satisfaction Surveys: How Useful Are They?

patient satisfaction surveys

Healthcare practice owners keep hearing that they need to conduct patient satisfaction surveys. After all, good survey feedback is a sign of great healthcare, right? Well, it turns out, not everyone thinks so. The goals of patient surveys are clear. Let’s build doctor-patient relationships, identify important issues, and provide better care. But some practitioners believe…

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Does Marketing on Facebook Work for Doctors?

Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is once again turning up the heat on business profiles. The world’s largest social media site is making your content more difficult for your patients to see. And prospective patients? Forget about it. Why? Because Facebook wants you to pay to boost your page and posts. Marketing on Facebook is big business. A recent…

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Does Alcohol Cause Memory Loss or Not?

Does Alcohol Cause Memory Loss or Not?

If you’ve ever blacked out after a night of drinking, you know that alcohol can cause some memory loss. Studies have found that alcohol has a negative impact on the brain. It impairs reflexes, vision, speech, balance, and memory. That said, there are also those who say that moderate drinking can help prevent memory loss.…

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