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ReminderCall’s Long Text Messages: Why We Love Them

ReminderCall is proud to consistently enhance our service with the addition of new, state-of-the-art technology and features. Recently, more and more customers have been requesting the ability to send long text messages. In response, it is with great excitement that we proudly announce the launch of our new longer-format text messages.

Why are Standard Text Messages Limited to 160 Characters?

The number of characters that can fit in a text message varies by language. In the United States, when SMS technology was first developed, a text message was meant to fit into 128 bytes, which is equivalent to 160 seven-bit characters. So, industry-wide, the number of characters that can fit in a standard text message is 160 characters

What Happens When You Go Over 160 Characters?

When your text message is longer than 160 characters, it often arrives cut off, and the recipient only sees the first 160 characters. Other times it is split into separate messages that may arrive out of order and sound confusing.

The other problem is that when you send a text message that is slightly longer than 160 characters, carriers count it as two separate text messages. If you are using a text messaging service, this means you get billed for two, three, or even four text messages instead of one. 

ReminderCall’s New Longer Text Message Feature

ReminderCall’s Long Text Messaging removes these issues by allowing you to send up to 1600 characters without splitting them into 2-3 messages. And, best of all, with ReminderCall, you can now send a Long Text Message for just 3 cents more than the cost of a regular SMS, as opposed to two to three times more (like our competition charges). You don’t pay for several text messages–you pay for one Long Text Message.

Send Longer SMS Appointment Reminders

Although 160 characters are enough to convey most appointment reminders, they sometimes don’t afford enough space to include all the necessary information. Longer Text Messages can indicate more instructions, such as what documents to bring to an appointment or what to wear. They can also contain directions to your office.

Send Long Text Message Announcements

If COVID-19 taught us anything around here, it’s that sometimes announcements need to be longer than 160 characters. Now you can get important information out and be as detailed as you like. Whether it be a closure announcement, a safety announcement, or a sudden change in your business’ operational schedule, you no longer have to send three messages instead of one.

Have Longer 2-Way Text Conversations

Ever try to answer a health-related question in 160 characters? It’s not easy. Once a person has had their appointment, 2-way text messaging should be a very convenient way for you to follow up with them. Unfortunately, if your reply is cut into several messages and received out of order, it can cause some serious confusion. It can also quickly quadruple the cost. By sending a Long Text Message instead, you can avoid confusion and keep your costs down.

Send Links Using Longer SMS

One of the main complaints we have received about the 160-character limit for SMS messaging is that it makes sending links almost impossible, even when shortened. Text messaging best practices require that senders indicate who they are in the text message, as well as opt-out instructions, leaving very little room for any links. ReminderCall’s Long Text Message format makes it very easy to incorporate links right into your text messages. They allow you to leverage the true power of text messaging. 

Long Text Messages for Links to Online Forms

You can now include links in your Long Text Messages that direct the recipient to complete an online form. Send patient intake forms, event registration forms, newsletter signup forms, account creation forms, feedback forms, contest registration forms, free assessment forms–the possibilities here are endless.

Send Links to Online Surveys

Ever wonder what your customers think of you after they’ve had an appointment? Well, now you can ask! Just create a survey in Survey Monkey, Qualtrics, or even Google Surveys and send the link to your customers using ReminderCall’s Long Text Message: easy, peasy!

Request Online Reviews

If your customers find you through Yelp or Healthgrades, you’re in for a treat–use our Long Text Message to send links to your customers requesting they leave an online review. The longer format will allow you enough words to remind them why they love you in the first place!

How to Send Long Text Messages

Some may say that the best part of ReminderCall’s new Long Text Messages is that you don’t need to do anything differently to send them. Just keep typing, and if your text message is over 160 characters, the system will ask you if you’d like to spend 3 cents more to send a Long Text Message. There is no separate plan; there are no different fees, just keep typing and let our system take care of the rest. When you’re done, any 160-character SMS you send will be charged at your regular rate.

The Takeaway

Standard text messages, although convenient, are limited to 160 characters. Now, with ReminderCall’s Long Text Messages, you can send up to 1600 characters. This feature allows you to send more detailed appointment reminders, longer announcements, have more extended 2-way text-message conversations, and send links. These are just a few ways to use our new Long Text Messages. Knowing our customers, we’re sure you’ll find innovative ways to add them to your communication toolbox. When you do, please let us know; we’d love to showcase your creativity on our blog!

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