Appointment Reminders

Dental Appointment Reminders: Does Your Practice Need Them?

Dental Appointment Reminders: Are They Worth It? Dental appointment reminders are text message reminders, phone calls, or emails that contact your patients automatically, letting them know that they have upcoming appointments. Patients can then confirm they are attending, change the appointment, or just be aware that their treatment session or consultation is scheduled. But why…

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What Is the Purpose of HIPAA? Why You Need to Comply

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — often abbreviated to HIPAA — is legislation enacted by the United States government that is designed to support and protect those being cared for by healthcare organizations. It was initially established in 1996 and at that time, was focused on ensuring coverage for individuals with preexisting conditions…

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5 Ways Patient Appointment Reminder Software Can Benefit Your Organization

Are you thinking about introducing patient appointment reminder software into your healthcare organization but are unsure about whether or not the benefits outweigh to costs? There are many powerful advantages of implementing automated reminder systems into your healthcare business; advantages that can have a profound impact on everything from consumer happiness to profit margins. In…

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