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How to Communicate with Patients and Staff During a Crisis

Communicate with patients during a crisis.

As a healthcare provider, you may advise people to take care of their health before a crisis strikes. But are you doing this for your practice? These days, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and volcanoes seem to be all over the news. How you would communicate with patients during a natural disaster? Would you be able to…

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Sexual Harassment: Not in This Healthcare Practice! [Quiz]

Sexual Harassment in the Medical Practice

Sexual Harassment in Healthcare The #metoo movement that started in Hollywood is making its way to other industries. But it is not stemming from a new problem. In fact, between 1995 and 2016, there were more than 170,000 sexual harassment claims filed. The healthcare industry is itself a hotbed of sexual harassment, with over 3,000…

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Benefits of a Custom Integration by

Custom Integration

A custom integration streamlines communications between and your scheduling application. It triggers an appointment reminder just by reviewing your schedule. You set your preferences, and the system works in the background. This automated process eliminates human error. It also frees up staff to work on more skilled tasks, resulting in cost savings. With the…

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No-Shows: 10 Ways You’re Telling Patients They’re Okay

No-Shows: 10 Ways You're Telling Patients They're Okay

Of all the problems healthcare professionals face, patient no-shows can be the trickiest. Patient absenteeism is persistent and costly. No-shows affect productivity and disrupt operations. They create extra work, costing time and money. The end result is that absent patients don’t get the care they need. When it comes to scheduling, you probably already follow…

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