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Only 1 in 50 PTs Can Pass This Physical Therapy Test. Can You?

Physical Therapy Test

Think You Can Pass this Physical Therapy Test? Sacrum, carpal tunnel, neuromuscular re-education. Most physical therapy programs focus on the body, and how to help the body heal—and rightly so. But physical therapists need to know a lot more, especially if they run their own practice. You may be familiar with the different terms that…

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How Well do You Handle Stress? [Quiz]

How Well Do You Handle Stress?

Lately, we keep hearing that stress wreaks havoc in our lives. Physically, stress hinders the immune system, causes high blood pressure and heart disease. Mentally, it’s linked to chronic fatigue, depression, and even memory loss. But, did you know that sometimes how we react to stress can be more harmful than what caused the stress?…

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Should You Become a Registered Nurse? Take this Quiz!

Should you become a registered nurse?

Your career is a very important part of your life. That’s why choosing it takes some research. You may think you know what a Registered Nurse (RN) does. You may have been hospitalized or seen nurses on TV. But, it’s not easy to become a Registered Nurse. The challenge will start when you try getting…

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Do You Know These 20 Business Terms? [Quiz]

Do you know these 20 Business Terms?

Do You Know these 20 Business Terms? Finance, accounting, marketing, and legal concepts are vital to running a business successfully. As times become more complex, so does business. It seems that whether you are an independent business owner, a doctor, or a lawyer, you need to know more and more just to stay in business.…

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What’s Your Ideal Work Environment? [Quiz]

What's Your Ideal Work Environment?

  Is There An Ideal Work Environment? There are many tests to help you figure out what line of work is best suited for your personality. But once you’re on the job for a while, you realize that other things impact how you feel about your work. In fact, someone else’s dream company might turn…

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Manager Quiz: Are You a Great Boss or a Total Loss?

Take the Manager Quiz

Why Take a Manager Quiz? “Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control. These three alone lead one to sovereign power”. –Alfred Lord Tennyson Ask most employees what they think about their managers and they’ll roll their eyes or start muttering bad words. In fact, according to a study by DDI, a shocking one in three employees doesn’t think their…

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Which 2016 Presidential Candidate Shares Your Views on Healthcare?

Presidential Candidate Quiz: Healthcare Edition Why take a presidential candidate quiz? Well, it’s been an interesting race to the presidential elections, to say the least. It seems like the opinions and candidates are more polarized than ever before. If you work in the healthcare industry, this election will have a double impact on you, affecting…

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Personality Test: How Do Coworkers See You?

Personality Test

Why Take a Personality Test? Have you ever realized a coworker is giving you the cold shoulder? Do you ever wonder why a particular group never asks you out to lunch? Perhaps you have the opposite problem… you’re the life of the party, but your boss doesn’t take you seriously and you have been overlooked for a…

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Memory Quiz: Total Recall or Complete Shortfall?

Memory Quiz

Memory is a funny thing. Does this ever happen to you? You go to the grocery store for some eggs. While you are there, you remember that you need to purchase some batteries, fruit, canned vegetables and spaghetti noodles. You are so happy to remember those items! You complete your shopping feeling good about yourself.…

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